Friday, September 23, 2011

Small packets , big packets , we love them all !

Needless to say , we have always paid extra attention at Shine when we are packing for you in the shop , a gift for yourself , a loved one or a friend , we care about the details , we do it knowing you also picked up carefully something you will cherish .

Therefore I had to show you the new packagings we made for this winter season , we choose two size of black box ( the big one is lined with matching silk paper and used for clothe pieces ) the small black one for jewelry .
the colored one is Alex Monroe's for this season .
And as I love love love ribbons ( I can seriously spend an hour and quite an amount of money in a well furnished ribbon shop anytime )
I am very happy about the choice this season too ( love of details ) , the large one is in textured cotton , the small one is in two tone silk ! Haaaa:)

And of course this is how we pack for sendings too !

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