Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This beauty is such a versatile piece and goes with everything! And its a great layering piece as well, wear over a basic top!



SCARF : 1299,-
These jeans are from Vanessa Bruno, and we love combining them with everything as we love the colour!


This wonderful dress is 100% cashlama and can be used with jeans or with leggings! 

MODEL: UMA // PRICE: 2150,-

Monday, January 30, 2012

Please make it come tomorrow!!!

So here at Shine we are probably the most enthusiastic woman/girls the postman has ever seen :) it is more than often that we are almost hugging him when he comes delivering things.. gorgious things ..and tomorrow will be no different because we are waiting , longing , for the Rutzou collection ..

i am soo liking this week , first today with Aiayu coming , then all the other things around the corner and then we will be traveling to Copenhagen on wednesday Elise and i to pick up next winter ..

last summer in august it was Agnes and i that went to hand pick the pieces for this coming summer and it is always interesting to share new point of view on collections , and as maybe some of you you know from before Elise used to be the one picking up pieces for her own store Demand and Supply so she has an eye for special pieces ...

i also would have love to share with you my choice of outfit and shoes from last saturday but unfortunately the lighting was so dark i looked like Ozzy osbourne ( dixie my husband who tried to catch it on camera ) ..

but about Copenhagen if any of you have tips to new restaurant and such , please post here : ) it is often that i end up doing my usual best like : Europa , Viktor , 42 raw , Stick&sushi , lele etc.. 

have a lovely night :)

Aiayu news!

what a fantastic monday !
today we finally received the most delicate beautiful warm knitwear from Aiayu !

 dear agnes has a little cold so we don't want her to pose outdoor today and we choose to pick the pictures of what has arrived directly from the gorgeous Aiayu catalogue and we will take photos with karoline in the morning instead ..
 this is the best wool dress ever !
 the top over comes in grey and dark blue and i am dying to get one myself because it would be so beautiful under any blouse ..
 cardigan with intricate knit ..
 dress we have in a darker blue ..
 this top witch remind me of a Rothko painting comes in this color combination and in green as well ..

 ohhhh and finally this basic top in this delicate pale pale shade ..haaaa..

and since it was too cold for posing outside but we wanted to show you the detail of the knit we made our little hand photoshoot :)

hope you love it as much as we do..

wishing you a cosy monday ...



Sunday, January 29, 2012


Jade Jagger is the daughter of brazilian model Bianca and Mick Jagger, and she also has her own line of jewellery that is fabulous and reflects her style. And we're getting them at Shine next week! We're so excited!!

Jade Jagger photographed by Terry Richardsson!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


 After some technical issues, we are able to show you the Saturday outfit! Yaay! 

Karoline is wearing top and  blue jeans (2350,-) from Vanessa Bruno Athe, and scarf by Isabel Marant (1590,-)

LOVE the colour combination! So fresh. 

Shoe love?

We had planned a Nice saturday post but since it looks like it wont post technically and i Am dying to show you my New addition / addiction .. Here Are the 3 New pairs of shoe i recently purchased on my trip to Paris ...

You will Ask : 3 pairs ! In one trip ! ... The thing is that i Am having obssessions , shoes Are one of them , i Think that as a teenager i felt like i always had the wrong pair so i Am catching back now that i can ..
Also quite often i seems to buy things by 3 , be it music , make-up or scarfs ..
That first pair was planned , it is from Surface to Air and they make the best buckled ones , i have a grey suede one from before and i craved a New one that could fit black ..

That second pair from Paul Smith was on sale and i love the deep purple Tone and the practical heel

The heel is made from gummi witch make you bounce but can become slightly dark after use , that pair will be good with tight pants but as well with boheme dresses

My last pair is from Isabel Marant collection and i was loosing hope to find it in Paris because the Sale was ending there when i came but i was fortunate enought to Get it in my size in her shop Rue de chaligny so now my shoe obssessions Are over ..for the while :)

Have a lovely saturday ...
Ps: going out tonight , witch pair should i use :)

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