Friday, September 16, 2011


Petit Bateau is a French mother and child apparel company, started in 1893 just outside of Paris, France.
For over a century, Petit Bateau has favoured comfort and quality for its infant clothing and kids underwear. Little boys and little girls delight in the breathable cotton that create the most comfortable basics, receiving blankets, and t-shirts. Offering a variety of design and colours for newborns to 18 year olds, Petit Bateau has been, and still is, a complete lifestyle image. Signature styles include the Milleraise stripe (mini-stripe) and the Mariniere stripe (wide stripe sailor inspired) which is now world renown.
Here at Shine we carry a wide range of basics in cotton and wool/cotton mix, nattposer, and super cute outerwear as well, such as little duffle coats and raincoats for age 4 - 8. Prices range from 80 kr to 1380 kr.

Being a brand with a lot of history, this is an overview showing the company's progress:
This classic jumper is a cotton/wool mix.
This cardigan is in 100% wool, and i also available in green.
This stripy dress is 100% cotton, and available in sizes 4 to 8 years.
We have so many classic stripy jumpers like this in most sizes.

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