Friday, September 23, 2011


This has been such an exciting and hectic week here at the shop, with the arrival of Isabel Marant, Alex Monroe and Aymara, and all our fabulous customers who stopped by for a new piece or for a sneak peek, we've been running around getting stuff done, which is fabulous. 

SO, you remember Karoline posing in the Inoui Scarf. 

And this awesome Isabel Marant top that came yesterday! 

The 'red line' is ever so intrigueing. 

These Sonia Rykiel bags hanging neatly at the top of the stairs, along with Rutzou top and Inoui scarf.

The best bracelet ever, from Alex Monroe

After taking pictures, we go through them and lets face it: in some of them we look pretty awkward.

 Here are some good ones:

Charlotte doing some avant garde - pose. Probably French. 

Feeling clever in the corner.

NOW, these two, we like to call 'the death stare':

This is 'trying to walk in heels'

This is Karoline casually playing the harmonica!

And by the way, if youre planning to go out or to a party this weekend, why not come in and try this dream of a paillette-dress from Sonia Rykiel? 

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  1. Haha, this post made me laugh! Charlotte looks like a theatrical actor from the 1890s, the only thing missing is the skull in her hand....