Tuesday, December 27, 2011

in between ..

i am in between , not yet ready for summer , still wanting to enjoy the cosiness of winter and all the nice white snow and warm coco but already looking forward to a new year . And i started re-using all my old nice dresses , i just accessorize them differently than i used to many years ago and its kind of a good feeling to wear them again .

There is my beloved Baum dress ( year 2009 i think ) together with new turquoise lace panties , never failing Acne pistol and new long necklace from Maria Black

i could also use some earrings for a night out instead of the necklace for a bit more sparkles like those below from Shine ..

As the year is closing to an end i always feel like they is never enough ways to celebrate and i had this sweet birthday breakfast for a dear friend at home some days before christmas , it was also a way to use my newly bought plate service from a graphic designer i now adore !

 the theme for the breakfast was bohemian  ..i wanted something charged with a mix of all my different dinner wear and bits and pieces of my favorite cups , soft and strong colors , and lots of flowers

 the flowers i could get that day were lighter than the ones i had in mind but with a big bunch of it and lots of pine cones my son had gathered in autumn and some great scents from Shine it did the trick ..

 i was also looking forward to use my Liebe cups that one of my  lovely customers brought me back from copenhagen before they got to be sold out ( the tall ones in the pictures ) and their pastel colors fitted perfectly with the little antique ones ..

i served american pancakes with cinnamon and honey home made butter and lots of good coffee and tea from early morning until time catch up with us and we all had to jump and get going with our busy pre-christmas day ..

i wish everyone some cosy in between days as well ....


  1. Nydelig! For et deilig og koselig frokostbord :) Elsker serviset med fugler og sopp(?)- hvem er det som lager det?

  2. hello , yes thats my new service :) it is from an american artist called rebecca rebouche who had a cooperation with anthropology and made a service for them , i bought it online and still missing some pieces with a rabbit figure coming later :) if you want to order you have to try to go on the american site because they don't come up on the european one ...

  3. Takk:) Jeg tror nok det serviset havner på mitt bord også. Perfekt til å kombinere med mine gamle arvede ting :)

  4. Goodness gracious, woman, your skin is perfection!