Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Earrings from Phoebe Coleman, also available in gold! 1550,-

Cosy hat from Isabel Marant 890,-

Wallet from Orla Kiely, also available in other prints and designs. 1150,-

If your sister is the laptop-loving kind, you may want to give her an extra luxurious padding for her when she carries it around?  780,-

Cosy socks from Aymara in 3 different colours, theyre so nice to snuggle around in when its cold and Christmasy! 250,-

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sometimes, buying gifts can be tricky. Here are some suggestions! 

Phoebe Coleman set of three rings, also available in silver. You could also split them up and give one to each? Comes in cute little black Phoebe Coleman box, which we'll wrap super nice. 1150,-

Every girl loves a bit of sparkle, and these glittery small bags from Louison Paris are nice for your makeup or other things! 340,-

Also, it could be nice giving away a hand cream 320,-, lip balm 100,- or maybe a perfume? 480,-

Its the season of tights! We just got these in from Falke, and they're excellent quality. Always good to have! 179,- or 199,-

These iconic Shine bags are a hit for every party! 340,- 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Shine this week ..

                                                     sonia Rykiel pull over to make you happy and shine ...

 i must have gone trough all the antic shop of this town to at last find a old wood and glass box !
 this little bijoux originally come from a shop in bergen and this is were we will soon have Maria black jewel collection or maybe Jade Jagger´s one ...

  some fashion inspiration with books from CR and the met  catalogue of Alexander Mc Queen exhibition

 i tried to take a photo of myself with my saturday outfit , dress by manoush , jacket Isabelle Marant , shoe  by Rag and Bone ..

i wore this dress once and it has great memories attached to it but i kind of forgot it in the deep end of my closet , now it makes me happy to use it again because i can see it make other people happy to look at it so it´s such a great way to start this month of december :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Its the first Sunday og advent, Sooooo, heres a little summary of November! 

The shoe transformation! 

Beautiful materials mixed up

The sign!

The legendary Adventure pant from Superfine. So addictive.

The nicest war coat from Lempelius

The 'Whats in the bag'-post!

Karoline posing in this supercute outfit. 

Combining a skirt with an oversized knit

Amazing Vanessa Bruno-top.

The little makeup bags from Louison Paris.

This awesome blouse from Vanessa Bruno

The details are sooo nice.

This knitted dress in navy from Vanessa Bruno, still one left.

Vanessa Bruno basics.

Aymara cardigan in cashlama.

Amazing red party dress from Vanessa Bruno

And then this knitted jumper with superfine jeans. Easy as that!

Hope you all had a nice week, and are getting ready slowly for the holiday season.

We just got Phoebe Coleman jewels in store and theyre great as gifts, and for yourself too!!

Happy Sunday:)

Friday, November 25, 2011

I LOVED NEW YORK and more ...

i am such a jukebox that most of anyone who met me those last month knows i went to New York .

Most knows as well that i had an amazing time there , but at last i can profit tonight of the storm witch is blowing out there to sit down and post the pictures i took whenever i was not pacing up and down Manhattan or crossing over to williamsburg .

 On the first evening were the daylight was going down i went for a trip uptown just to get that unique feeling you get standing at the corner of Barney´s looking toward central park , the trees in the round square are full of bird chipping through the constant tintamare of the city , it is like you have become totally transparent to the world and i had my five minutes of peace there ...

The day after started in a very unusual way , early morning i was at the pier not far from were one of my favorite blogger lives , i was going to be a part of ( and somehow holding a camera ) for the shooting of a new clothe campaign starring ....

                                                          Yes none the less than Hanneli

You can see who is the most happy of the two :)  honestly it was fabulous to be spending some days with Hanneli and get so many good fashion advice from her and also have the privilege to get a view of her garderobe ( we are talking about THE dream garderobe , perfect mix of everything you would ever dream of , and organized to perfection )

We had a eyewear trying session were we passed around our own pair of shades so i could prove i can wear  hanneli favorite pair not quite like her but not too bad as well ... or what do you think ?

Thursday, November 24, 2011


STEP ONE: get yourself some candles and a cozy little tree which you decorate with little christmas balls. 
Take your time while doing this. You don't want to exhaust yourself for whats coming next. 

STEP TWO: Stand back while contemplating your master plan. 

STEP THREE: Drag electric cord towards you. Choose not to stand on dodgy old ladder. 

STEP FOUR: Dont let the lights get tangled in your hair. It could turn into a fight with your own head.

 STEP FIVE: Get some appropriate tools to catch electric cord.

STEP SIX: Be careful while hanging out the window.

 STEP SEVEN: Attach cord to random nail in wall that just happened to be there. 

 STEP EIGHT: Make sure electric lights are properly attached.

 AND VOILA! Your very own Tim Burton-esque Christmasy boutique!  HOW WONDERFUL! :)


To our great joy and yours, we have received the delicately marvelous Phoebe Coleman jewel collection, prices ranging from 500,- to 1650,-
all the pieces are to fall in love with , if you feel like a little star is shining inside you or if you want to show your love ....come and see for yourself :) 

This bracelet is to die for. 

Come and have a look! 

Have a nice Thursday!