Friday, September 14, 2012

friday night ....

I love those pictures of karoline in her NINKA skirt from Aiyau !
it is simple but stunning .

Many have already bought it , used it and are very happy about the wool jersey quality of it .
we have 2 left in black but have ordered more in both black and grey , so let us know if you want to be on the list when they come ..

AND then to end on another note , i think it is quite radical how we turn the shop around from summer to winter ! under is the summer " look " fitting the collection in store or the designer in the room 
here most from SONIA by Sonia Rykiel summer 2012 
we are expecting her Winter collection in store this coming week .

and NOW this winter that room is dedicated to Isabel Marant collection .
we have a special place in our heart for Isabel Marant  , when we started selling her design 8 years ! ago we were the only shop in norway, but we knew already that she was the coolest , now 8 years after and 16 collection behind we can say that her styles are the ones that never age , one pieces witch was super cool then is still super hot now .
and god knows how popular she is now ! 

Shine team wish you a lovely friday evening , i hope everyone is cosying up in their home .



  1. I want everything in that room! Correction: i NEED it! the shop looks great!


  2. I love the pom pom ceiling decorations - such a lovely idea. How about white ones when it gets to Christmas?