Monday, December 14, 2009

watch out !

it is so exiting to introduce a new jewel label at shine that i cannot wait ! the super trendy bracelets that you have seen around the arm of most american stars will be at shine within days ! the packet was sent today from L.A and if you are curious to know a bit more about it go and have a look on the designer at

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

decadent dress !

tomorrow the 10 th of december or today depending when you read that mail you will have the chance to get yourself one beautifull piece of couture from the Sportmax party collection .
that dress can be worn with or without the little gem cardi that come with it . so its like having 2 dress in one or many many more possibility to use the sparkling top with any of your basic pieces . to see that lovely dress go and check at

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Isabel Marant

The french designer Isabel Marant is becoming more and more popular in scandinavia with her laid back style , we have had her collection for many years in store and see ourselves that hers are the pieces we personnaly use the most , it doesn´t matter with Isabel Marant if what you wear has been used for many years since her style is all about combinning old and new .

Friday, December 4, 2009

cookies and cakes day ..

we had talked about it for a while my friend and i , and we finally did it this thursday , a cookies and cakes day , baking from nine in the morning til late in the afternoon , we made hundreds of cookies and some cakes , her kitchen was marvelous , everything was so spacious and we had the beautifull sunny light all day , we could see the fjord and snow beyond it and when it was all done we were smelling rather suggary ourselves ...

we made some croquands , some coconuts sablé , two english christmas puddings , some cookies with caramel and some cupcakes with lots of frostings ..

Sonia Rykiel

as most of you, who are following the news in fashion , the grand lady of knitwear : Madame Sonia Rykiel has designed not one but TWO collection for H&M , the first part witch is underwear will be released tomorrow and to mark this we will let you have some pieces of the real thing !

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the end of november is good

i am happy for small things : the month of november is gone and with it the never ending story of my boys and us passing each other some kind of virus back and forth , i wont tell how un -glamourous the whole process has been because i just want to forget about it and rejoice in this new month coming ! i am back on the blogg !

get your pants on !

tomorrow wednesday all the Notify will be out for 900 nok ... run run ...

one new post everyday until christmas ..

each day until christmas we will have a new special offer at our lovely shop ....
keep posted to get the best of fashion at the best price ...