Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All about the stripes!

Stripes are always present in fashion, in one way or another. These pieces are classic and easy to wear, and they look positively French and fabulous, and will definitely cheer you up on those dreary days we all sometimes wake up to.

This beautiful cotton dress is from Petit Bateau, and so easy to wear over leggings or narrow jeans. Or bare legged, like Karoline! :) the price is 650,- which is also nice!

This classic stripy jumper is an icon from Petit Bateau! It's 100 percent cotton and costs 550,-

Have a fabulous evening all of you:)


  1. Mais je l avais pas vu cette robe ci la derniere fois, la veux aussi!!
    Charlotte, Charlotte, pourquoi tu me fais ca ;-)))

  2. tout est beau ces jours ci alors peut être que tu ne l' a pas vue :)