Thursday, September 29, 2011


This dress came with previous delivery a few weeks ago, but we included it anyway, as its such a nice versatile piece and we haven't put up a photo of it earlier. 

Love the detail on the shoulder. 

Such a nice detail with the studs around sleeve and neckline.

This dress is so easy to wear! With black leggings when its colder, of course, but its so chic! And today was so warm, it was amazing! 

This blue wooly skirt came in today, and its a high waist, so its super nice to wear a simple t-shirt or a blouse tucked in, and its warm too! 

This iconic jumper is the one Isabel Marant wears in all the photos herself, its a waffle knit, its wool, but its not itchy at all! 

Love this kind of knit! 


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