Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Coats are great cause they are key pieces that also keep you warm, Thats why its important to invest in one that works with you in terms of functionality, style and shape. The right coat can take your outfit straight up to elegance by itself.

This Sonia Rykiel coat is so elegant and at the same time it has that edge that makes it stick out from other coats, with the buckles and the shape. At the same time its a thick wool, so it will keep you warm and cosy and looking chic at all times. (5160,-)

For those extremely cold winter days, this Lempelius is what we opt for at Shine. A fabulously light-weigth down coat with a hood of rabbit fur. And most importantly: no horrible logos or yellow things hanging off it. Which is why it will last for years and years and never go out of fashion. (5990,-)

Just look how cosy Charlotte looks in it! 

This is one of Elises favourites, The Sonia Rykiel cape in wool. Its a great length and gives a nice silhouette. (5050,-)

This Sonia Rykiel coat is slighly more classic in the shape, but with the edgy buckle details it still stands out as a real piece. It gives a great silhouette, and goes with just about everything. (4500,-)

The legendary Isabel Marant trench! Its wool, and has a great shape. This is one of those coats that give you instant elegance when you put it on, and its such a timeless elegant piece. (4700,-)
The bag is a classic leather Vanessa Bruno that will take you from season to season.

This coat from Rutzou is super soft and has a slightly more masculine shape, however it is amazingly elegant. (3199,-)

Needless to say, these coats are exclusive and since there are few of each its unlikely you'll meet your neighbour in them, which is a good thing once you've invested in a statement piece like these. 

Have a fabulous evening:)

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  1. Å, så vakre kåper! Og så vakre og veldig søte og hyggelige jenter! Mandag skal jeg på kåpejakt...håper det finnes noen igjen da ;)