Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MY Paris Part 1

well it fits quite alright for me to start my PARIS guide while laying in bed sick ( mind traveling )
one week from now i will be in New York as well so then i will be all tuned out ..
PLUS i lost count of the amount of friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, that asked me over the last 10 years to tell them were to: go, eat, sleep, see in Paris, and after countless of small scribbled notes its now time for the guide to MY PARIS :)

here we go ..

first eat, then see cause i don't know about you but i get grumpy if i don't eat ..

breakfast is a non sense in Paris ( or france in general ) if you are not eating at your hotel you will most likely get at best , a scrambled egg and a piece of baguette at "worst" a croissant and a black coffee ( good if you can survive on it over an hour ) BUT if you choose to eat breakfast out here are some ok places ..

le square trousseau : square trousseau 11th arrondissement 

its located in front of a small green square , it is open all day and serve excellent meals from breakfast like the picture under ( egg benedicte ) to lunch ( great entrecôte and french fries ) to dinner with ambiance, always with a diligent service and regardless the time of the day everything is always rather perfect . if you are there on a saturday or sunday morning ( before 12.00) make sure to pass trough the french open food market a street away witch is one of the most exotic in Paris with its food stall full of fresh goods , the thrift market in the middle and a indoor food market full of italian french stall ..the food market is called marché d´Aligre .

Le pain quotidien is a franchise chain proposing breakfast and lunch that are a bit more on the heavy side , you can find one in each quartier ( arrondissement : quarter ) 
a good one is located at the top of rue de montorgueuil 2nd arrondissement 

le marche des enfants rouges is located rue de bretagne in the 3rd

once passed the portal you will find a small amount of food stall were people eat in open air or some propose a rooftop , from maroccan to japanse you can choose a bit of everything and make a great late breakfast or lunch there , don't forget to check the old photo shop on the left side of the entrance ..

right in front you will find the very hip ( at least in the Paris fashion world ) cafe charlot 
open early closing late they boast the best sunday brunch ( big late breakfast lunch : brunch ) 
and some very descent burgers salad etc.. in a cool white tiles deco ..
the terrasse is prized on a sunny day for people watching ..

i like to have a snack , lunch or sweet breakfast at Rose bakery rue de belleyme a 5 minute walk from rue de bretagne , its organic and simple with some gorgious pastry .

since we are still in the same area we can jump to 

LUNCH and things to see ..

once in Paris make sure to visit the new IT store MERCI . ( or thank you , or thank you for leaving all your money with us :) 
Merci is 111 boulevard beaumarchais 
try their side restaurant for fresh salad or plate of charcuterie and take a look inside the shop for their installation cool paper department , 3 level of goods of all kinds  and trend setting products ..
one book cafe is situated on the right , one salad bar on the left and one more restaurant in the basement 

for people interested in kids fashion take a look at the corner shop ( right from merci ) called bonpoint 
fun photo both , mini hair salong , under level full of fun accessories for kids and young grown ups ..

to feed your brain 
musée Picasso is refurbishing but open most times 5 minutes away..

my best shop for industrial furniture ( the real deal ) 
is on rue de vielle du temple 3rd 
there is no name on the door , its closed on mondays , they fill it up each tuesday but all red dotted pieces are sold out , its a few meter from the Surface to Air shop , and before  the Vanessa Bruno one ..( two great clothe brand we sell here at shine that you can find in Paris ) 

along rue vielle du temple you can find several great cafe and shop , rue de poitou another shine 
the cheaper mixed brand shop Abou d´abi 
zadig and voltaire , APC , les petites , vanessa bruno , american apparel etc...
lower toward the center on the same street : Aesop , mannoush , paul and joe , corpus cristi ...

when you come closer to rue des rosiers you can EAT AGAIN ..
best fallafel in town at l´as du falafel ( try sitting down and enjoy a plate with pita bread , i guaranty you it will be the best cheap meal you ever had )

for breakfast or brunch les philosophes 28 rue vielles du temples has great breakfast menu ..

tea time or gift or best tea in Paris/france is at Marriage et Freres rue du bourg tibourg 
two shops facing each other , try any one and go home with fragrant tea in beautiful boxes ..or try sitting down and enjoy a tea cake with a hot pot ..

best perfume shop in town is at sens unique rue du roi de sicile , a small but full of unique perfume with a fantastic host who has a nose for the best new perfume on the market .

another shop to absolutely pay a visit to is the two spot ( one for men one for woman ) called 
l´eclaireur if not for what they sell but for the cutting edge way they present the products 
men at rue Malher 

woman rue de sevigne 

at night eat at : chez janou
                                                    2 Rue Roger Verlomme  75003 Paris, France                             reserve there to make sure you get a table as its really popular( 01 42 72 28 41)
a bit of a jazzy ambience there and very nice french bistro food .

or another DINNER must is at 404 rue des gravilliers were you will drink the best mojito, eat the best maroccan 
food outside marocco in a lit candle room ...reserve ( they speak perfect english and have two service ) to make sure you get a table and get ready for a memorable evening !

ok i can see it was a LOT  about the food and even so i am not even half way down my list and my computer is over heated so i will post in several parts ..
lets call this part 1 

good night from my bed and my head full of addresses ...


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  1. Ohlala and THANK YOU! Next summer we are going to France for our very late (6 years after the wedding) honeymoon. And a few days in Paris is part of the plan...now I know we will not have to go hungry ;-). Get well soon! Hugs!