Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A bit of Paris ...

Today we received a marvelous collection from Paris , named:
des petit hauts ...
All the pieces are so French and we were in extase , I am posting just a little part of the collection but there is so many simple but lovely pieces , many many tops and pull-over ...

Prices are also really nice , everything is under 1400 ..and the quality is top

Lots of gold treads ... Mhhh

And dresses ..

Small stars spread around ..

Tonight I am just posting the delicate colors to make you dream a bit :)
Ps: I am blogging from a girl party with a wine glass in my hand and the day has been looong and very ineffective , we were so overwhelm by this collection that most of the day was spend trying and raveling , I rather write more about the collection tomorrow when my head has settled a bit :)

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