Tuesday, October 27, 2009

crazy moods

oh i feel so great ! i painted my nails bright red tonight , all mothers of two will understand how crazy it feels ! also i am all about vanilla taste this days , made a good replica of my brother`s vanilla and coconut cream chicken-slow cooked ....mhhh could give the recipes if asked for :)


this is a salad basket , it beats in design all the new plastic thingy created in the last 50 years .yellow mustard tiles are not bad either ...

brut colors

i dont know if its this season with all the vibrant colors but i feel like surrounding myself with even stronger colors and also there is the ones i grew up with from my grand fathers paintings , here are some details i felt for long ago ..

window on the country side at the monastery near menerbes in provence .
i love the way it cut the view in smaller pieces.

we have the Eiffel tower ! here in town .

Sonia Rykiel made this replica of the eiffel tower to wear as a brooch ! its covered in diamanté and oh so pretty for the many party to come or for the Paris nostalgic everyday :)

a fresh start !

oh my ! it was so beautifull here when i came back , the colors of the nature , like a painting through my window, the smells too : woodfire , rotten leaves and apples on the trees ...
i had this urge to do millions of new things , plenty of small and big projects popped up in my mind , i did not know were to start so i thought i should occupy my hands while my head was pounding , i sat and made Apple jam ! peeling the apples one by one and cooking them for hours with sugar and vanilla and ginger and raisins ....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

from Shine...

i am on my way back from Paris and will have lots of time now ,to download and show you next season collection and keep you updated about all the novelty we get and also they will be some new travelling soon , so keep looking here ... a très bientot

on my way back...

i could not miss on this ice cream bar when i heard they had some of the best taste in town ! caramel au beure salé ( salty butter caramel ) was my choice and i will remember it ...the place name is Grom and is rue de seine .

also the same day i was by pure chance in front of pierre Hermé and they was less than 20 peoples in the queue so i run and got my hands on some of his macaron and vanilla eclairs

bye bye Paris !

chic for cheap !

you can either way get the luxury brands or get some stylish outfits for less in paris .
in the last decade many new up and coming brands have popped up and they cover a wide range of style . IRO propose an edgy sexy rock style

Le Comptoir Des Cotonniers manage to pack up on all the basics you really want season after season

Maje is for the sweeter girls and have nice prints and exiting cuts .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

petit mais grand

i recommand a visit to the Bonpoint shop for all woman who has children or not ! they have the biggest sweetest dreamiest shop in town , its literally huge ! they took over an old Hotel Particulier and it has a caffe and a inside backyard and so many rooms , and the mini wool pull over are so soft you want to roll yourself inside ..

back to Paris !

today i was back to paris and busy to get to all my favorite shops , and no trip to the chic paris would be complete ,without going to le Bon Marché , it is the deluxe version of shopping malls with voiturier to park your car outside and all the best brands from top luxury Chanel down to cool designers a la Jerome Dreyfuss , also you can find beauty counters and kitchen wears and more ...

right on the side is to be found the food mall in the same luxe version with all the best food from around the world. not to be missed ...

the Vanessa Bruno shop that Beyonce visited AND had a shopping raid into last time she was in Paris ...rue saint sulpice .

Sonia Rykiel main shop witch has been standing at saint-germain-des-prés since the 60th , entirely renovated last year and with carpet so sick and pink you drown into them ..not so easy with hight heels !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

good morning !

typical early mornings for me : freshly grind coffee and le Monde .


wool carpet

maroccan wedding bedding

embroidery detail

the colorfull choices of the different textiles.

fountains and water weels ...

i always felt provence was dry but if you keep looking around you find all kind of water fountains and some like this one was for sale at the antique market in Isle sur Sorgue .

those water weels are made of wood and metal and are to be found all over the Sorgue river

the fountain at Edith Mezard shop witch is situated in an old horse barn in the village of Lumiere , Edith is the master of classic linen embroidery and so very chic is her shop .

fresh food

vegetables and fruits look always so much better here , and taste better too :)
i grill those ones in a pan with some olives oil , fresh tymian salt and pepper .

a salad of flat green beans and mini tomatoes from the ecologic garden of my aunt .

i have been enjoying the soft days here, and now comes some colorfull pictures of places and things ...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hurra !

yeppee ! Shine has been nominated as best shop by the very best norwegian fashion magazine COSTUME !

it means a lot for us , and we would be so happy if you could help us keep our little dream shop up there with the best ones by voting for us on http://www.costume.no/ .

it is so good already to be nominated and it really make our work worth the efforts we put into it , we are so happy too, to feel that trondheim can count on the fashion map of norway .

thank you for following Shine trought the years !

changing walls

i have noticed lately that a lot of shops are moving into old locations that used to be selling something else , like the library on top who moved into a hat shop and the lingerie designer Chantal Thomas who moved in a bakery ... inspiration anyone ?

all good things are 3

one of these make me think of the new jewel design from tyffany : a small silver key as a necklace , big one on my new wish list !

3 pairs of men shoes ...

3 childrens chairs ..

3 suitcases from luxury Goyard to travel in style , as a cheaper alternative you could go at the Merci shop in paris where they sold those poetic carton suitcases in two colors and lots of different size for max 50 euro for the biggest size ..

Monday, October 12, 2009

lighting and open space

in the south at my mother´s place there is this room with this forever hight cieling and this massive piece of design light in the middle witch give a great sense of space .

maroccan dishwear in provence.

i am having a hard time every morning trying to pick up my favorite cup and plate for breakfast , each ones are different and have irregularity in the print and colour witch make them unique and therefore beautifull , but at the end the table look colorfull anyway ...


monnaie du pape ( the pope´s money is the translation for this dry flowers ??? )

minimalist bouquet and red glass.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

a bag of grapes

a bag of grapes from my grand mother´s vineyard .

i am going south !

this last week has been quite busy so i went south , to provence , in my little village called Menerbes . it was sunny when we arrived and over 20 degrees and totaly surrealistic !
i am going to take it slow for a little week, and will feed you pictures from here to lighten your week :)

the pink blouse

this long pink blouse was my favourite, its a 100 % linen and has a bohem/painter feel ..

you can wear it as it is or ,with some leggings under .ha summer again ..

the little red dress by Vanessa Bruno

oh la la how i feel like wearing this little red dress for next summer , the drapé make it cling to the body in all the right places , the fabric is fluid and the red vivid .

Friday, October 9, 2009

chez Vanessa Bruno

this is what the office and workshop of Vanessa Bruno looks like , its huge ! offices are on top , the collection presentation is in the center and both left and right ,and the models are built up in the bottom of the building.
when you come to make an order there is always a cook to make you some fresh food and after you finish with your meal and coffe they start a mini show where you see all the collection on models , its only then that you can start putting down an order , the whole things last for four hours !
tomorrow i will put here some of my favorite ones .. now its night time for me :)

a bag full of it !

i was walking in the Marais were it has flourished with many new cool shop when i saw this explosion of colors ... imagine , i could put my hands in those bags down to my elbows ..mhhh