Wednesday, September 14, 2011

other things...

When blogging about this ..

I am often sitting there ..

This is the mini mini "vinterhage" were I sit in the evening ( or very early morning) and send my post ..

But seriously , today I felt awful ! After crossing the city on a bicycle and getting soaked wet , I found out I had not planned to have some spare outfit at the shop , so I made up for the best and felt just so and so ( i mean half wet) until Elise came at work ..

And this is what SHE looks like on any given day ( totally immaculate)
and wearing that Isabel Marant tee-shirt ( I was too slow to grab it) and of course you have Karoline who always look like she just stepped out from st Germain des pres ( Paris center )

This outfit is from the shop but she pretty much dress like this everyday ...

So I basically had to confort myself today with the fact that I have a great bag or two !

I wish you a very glamourous evening :)
Ps: new parcel from Isabel Marant coming soon. ...

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