Saturday, March 31, 2012


So today it was nice with some sun and some of you have already gone to your cabins or other places for easter, and its a lovely mood of happiness in the air. Although now its snowing again, which kind of sucks but still at least we had some sunlight, hey?

Perhaps you saw this little collage on our facebook page, but we thought we'd show it again in large version. At Shine we're a bit more excited about holidays than the average person! Karoline and Agnes drew a fabulous easter egg on the windows at Shine, did you see it? We'll put a picture on Monday. :)

We're in love with anything yellow-ish these days! 

So for everyone out there, have a lovely evening and enjoy time with your loved ones. Time is precious, therefore it is vital to embrace the now and think of all the great things in your life that you cherish and feel grateful of. 

Love from Shine. 

Friday, March 30, 2012


Its day 5 of fabulous week and here we are in our outfits! Lets not forget lilies and balloons too! 
We're loving Karolines hat! The sun came out for a nanosecond and we grabbed our flowers and posed outside, and 2 minutes after it was snowing. Whats up with that? 

Anywho, this week we recieved the legendary Hanky Panky underwear. As usual, we got the standard thongs, but now also the new bralette in different colours, and the lace boyshort, our new favourite, it covers a bit more than the others, haha. Always super comfy, onesize fits all, (it really does) and looks nice years after. 

We decided to put together a little 'stand' so its easy to see all these lucious undergarments. 

Also new this week, a display of our new jewellery brand 5Octobre, with the simplest delicate pieces from France. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all in gold plated metal, with amethyst and other stones neatly placed. You may feel the need to buy all of it, like we do! 

Lilies are so decorative, we want them all over. 

Elise took a pic of herself in her maxi dress for fabulous week day 5!

The shop is so fresh and springy , you should really come have a look, and if you cant, then there are news on the webshop too! 

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND EASTER (for those lucky ones of you that can do easter from today:) )

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fabulous Week / Day 4 Outfits

This is what we were wearing today , it is almost like we should keep going like that for a year , we get to dig out some dresses we haven't worn for ages and the swinging between hight and low heels is getting easier as well ( i can say that since i cheated a bit today and paired my DvF dress with my bikers boots)

What i think i was good at today was changing for the 3rd !!! time this week the color of my nails :)
and this alone is an achievement ! ok , i have let´s say a dozen of nail polish that i keep buying just because the color is so cool but i found out that i never have "time" to use them excuse this week , the color of the nail has to match my outfit so i have gone from grey to green and yesterday blue boy by CHANEL and today back to OPI red ....MHHH i don't know what to do tomorrow ..

And this Agnes with the so cool Essie green ...matching her new ring from 5 october we received this week at shine ..

See you tomorrow :)


PS: the tired look on our faces is due to late partying last night for all of us ..karoline who had time to sleep on this morning came with an outfit to overshadow the queen itself with the cutest matching hat but i am not sure we did take a picture of it in our slight haze ...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fabulous Week / DAY 3 Outfits

I must say it is starting to work out pretty fine our little project about ignoring the baaaad weather here and getting super dressed every morning to inspire each other at work !

Like most things in life the decision was harder to take then the actual making of it :)
and for the one who does not endure the extreme rainy weather we have , i really recommand it as well will see that your colleague get happier and the day fly by :)

the rule is : come with your rain boots , bring your hight heels , put on some nice makeup , keep on smiling !



Those two über cool designers have made the most elegant rain coat you will find in Norway !
T Micheal and Alexander Helle based in Bergen deliver a practical and beautiful alternative to your  "allværs" jakke .

We are happy to present at Shine this season , 3 of their RAINCHO !
a rain-poncho with a roomy sizing were you can hide your lady bag under or belt it and get a feminine silouhette .

Be the first one to get it or you will have to wait until next august to put your hands on those designs !
we actually had a to beg a bit to get those pieces sent now , there were not supposed to be delivered before next season..


Kjole i sesongens print fra Sølv!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FABULOUS WEEK / Day 2 Outfits

     This is agnes ...on the second day of week fabulous :) and isn't SHE TOTALLY fabulous !!

here at Shine we all loved her turban , i would love to have one like that in all kind of colors , i could picture a great bright yellow or pink for example ...
mhhh , the whole outfit is so chic ! 

Karoline is wonderful as well for her 1st day of fabulousness ( yesterday she was studying so even so she is always fabulous , she still got to slack a bit ) BUT today she looked so fresh and sharp in her Isabel Marant dress , SONIA rykiel pumps and IRO leather and linen jacket ..

I , on the other end DID not feel very inspiring today ...
First i had to walk to the school with my boys witch combines VERY badly with hight heels and pretty dresses ( forgot my car in town after a great night out at Body Bar ..will come back big time on that evening a bit later :)

so, easy outfit for me today , just what i wear on everyday basis minus the shoes witch i put on at work 
( mainly sitting all day so no need to worry about the height =i love blogging :)

 and GOSH.... my nails! one day and there are ruined so i will have to change color today ( i like ) and tomorrow come back in force on my best foot or just my foot ....

ELISE is cheating todayyyy !
she think her outfit is not good enough for the blog!
WE think she look so fabulous everyday , that she can't top it up this week !

well we received as well right now this wonderful little french jewel brand that i am sure you will LOVE just as much as we do coming soon ..

love , shine..