Tuesday, March 30, 2010

un cafe au zinc , s´il vous plait !

why do coffe looks always so cool in Paris ?
why do coffe always taste better at dromadar in trondheim ?
i know the answers for both but i wont bore you with my theory :)

save a place for that one !

i have been talking about this trench coat from Sonia Rykiel for next autumn for a while so i really feel its time to show it here , it is absolutly fabulous ! i loved it sooo much i ordered it in beige and dark blue and .... pink ! yes yes and the buttons and the doubling also are a dream so let us know if you are interested because as usual we are ordering very few pieces ..haaa how lovely we will be !

girls tea party

this last weekend was really fun at the shop , we had our first telephone order for twelve cupcakes ! and on friday there was sun in the street and this overwhelming feeling that spring was there and everyone was soo happy ! i am posting some sweet pictures to spread the feeling :)

a new brand for next winter

next winter we are going to get really cosy in our new cashmala brand Aymara , but it felt like a really long time to wait until next winter so i had to get myself two new pieces from Aymara and one of them was this beautifull thin cashmala dress in blue , it feels both light and warm and i feel like a wonder when i wear it !

god påske !

something yellow :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

happy friday !

so it soon friday and as promised the lemon macarons and the cupcakes will be delivered at shine early morning ! here at shine we are all about you starting your weekend with joy ! see you at shine ..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

something unique ?

so this monday i was in oslo for the day , and one of my mission was to found out all about cupcakes , macarons and other treats in the capital ! i can tell you i ate quite an amount of sweets , i started first with a croissant at åpen bakeri , the new one by litteratur huset , i was quite disapointed , it was not fresh and crispy , rather stale and over dried , it felt like it had been made days ago . the new åpen bakeri local was cool and light and well placed in the center , i then was on my way to kolonihage witch was booming full of customers of all ages , the location is to die for , an oasis on frognerveien , i had my usual and still the best carrot cake in norway : a small taste bomb with the best icing to crown it . everything at koloniehage is ecologic and the owner himself is to be seen helping around everyday , a very nice place above the average , and a great place to have lunch . my next trip was to buy some macarons at sebastien.bruno a chocolatier on frogner too who specialise in chocolate and macarons , there i ate four differents ones and brought back home a full box ,not all them tasted as good as they looks and the samples i brought back home received the same critics , from there i went to united bakery , haaa there the local are cool in all the different branches trought town and most of the bake goods i sampled in the last years meet my taste , but for this monday i had one of their walnut pecan and caramel muffins and it never disapoint ! but as you can see no signs of any cupcakes anywhere in oslo ! could it be that we are doing something unique ?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

and macarons too !

kim made fairytale cupcakes this weekend , covered with the most yummy cream and the sweetest butterfly and flowers . a tea dreams for us girls !

our new weekend windows with cupcakes .

kim had a try at macarons in two flavours , pistacio and lemon ...they both went down really well , and i must say it was so easy to love the yellow lemon flavor as the holiday is coming soon ..

a fantastic week !

the shine cupcakes logo is sooo cute i want to have it everywhere ... thank you dear Maiken ! your drawings are the best !

i can tell you not all girls where as still as the little girl in the shine cupcakes logo when they had to choose their favorite cupcakes on saturday ...but oh i do understand them , so many fabulous colors and motives to choose from , then the question was : witch colors for the box and the ribbons , and ..and ..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why eat one cake when you can have 3

Guilt free indulging ..

Me loves raw

Raw !

No trip to copenhagen would have been complete without visiting 42raw ! It is the new craze in town , also very popular in new york and paris . The restaurant offers in an ascetic room a whole menu of ..namely raw food , nothing is cooked or heated over 42 degree hence the name ; but everything is absolutely delicious ! We tried 3 different salads , all the desert and yes they have the best raw chocolate cake in town ! The juice are super healthy and the whole raw movement claim that you can eat as much as you want without feeling guilty ...we did enjoy ourselves ..

Monday, March 15, 2010

tomorrow copenhagen..

first i want to say how gratefull i am to everyone who came to our little shop on saturday ! it was lovely seeing so many new faces and the good old ones :) and oh did we love love seeing the cupcakes fly off the shop ! i have to apologised for the ones who came in early and did not get their cupcakes at once , thats one of the downside of freshness , they were baked in the morning and kim had to wait until they cooled down to start on the toppings ... but we promise , next friday at ten they will be ready as soon as the door opens .. lovely friday !
also we are currently working on : taaatataaa : macaron !
and tomorrow morning we are travelling for several meetings to copenhagen were i will post about all the places we go and eat :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our little Cupcakes shop

Here you can see our sweet Cupcakes corner were we propose Cupcakes of all sizes and colors together with a cup of dromadar coffee ... .

More of the shop today ..

the end of a great friday ..

i can´t stop sending more pictures .. here is one individual cupcake packed pretty and another corner in the new room at shine..

Welcome back

delivering time !

Ouh la la we are a bit hight now ! Our first Cupcakes box are leaving the shop ! Yepee !

Kim and the early Cupcakes

Kim worked and baked all night , at six this morning we were all meeting at shine and the last touch was done to ensure the best looking Cupcakes ...come and have a look and a bite !

Rolling wall paper

While kim was baking Cupcakes half his night I was putting up the last roll of orla kiely wall paper ..the room is half finish as most furnishing has not arrived yet but it is so pretty with all the colors and Cupcakes !

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

cupcakes in all colors !

pink creamy white and blue ...

our cupcake tower ..

so i have to tease a bit with those fabulous pictures by my friend anniken zahlfurunes.bloggspot.com.
those cupcakes by kim bjerkmo taste as wonderfull as they look , i am thinking about them every day and can´t wait until next friday to have another bite ..
it is so far a crazy week as all the small details are yet to fall into place , we are still waiting for the cutest box to come , we have ordered some individual boxes in white and lilac and blue from england , the dream cards witch come with each boxes have been created by my dear friend maiken sissimuk.bloggspot.com.. i wish you will want to collect those cards as i have been dreaming about them and maiken made them a reality !
we are also waiting for all the furnitures witch will make the cosy corner were to enjoy those cupcakes but i can´t wait to share it with you ... bientot vendredi !

Monday, March 8, 2010

let´s be sweet ! let´s be crazy !

ok let me start by the beginning of this new project of ours , the ones who knows me well know how food is occupying a large part of my life : eating it :) making it , reading about it , and talking about it . i have always loved unpretentious cooking and that has always been the best way for me to relax ....apart from when i get down and start to bake !
then it is a bit like i am possessed ! , i need to make more cakes , more cookies , more cream more of everything sweet like we are going to miss soon of sugar or flour ......
a group of dear friends was invited some years ago to my place for tea and cookies , i ended up waking up at four in the night and baking for six hours straight and the table covered up with over fifteen different cupcakes and cookies , we got hight on sugar and we were six girls around the table !
I have many stories similar to this ones , one is that a couple of time a year i used to bake just for the pleasure of filling my house with the smell of sugar and butter and bring all the result of my baking to my shop and let my customers and friends have a bite .

then in august this year i witnessed at my best friend wedding something witch amazed me , a cook called kim managed to fead on his own the wedding party witch counted over 100 people ! and the food was very good ! i can only imagine the rush it must have been !
one things leading to another kim happen to be the boyfriend of christina working at shine and one day he delivers a batch of the most lovely decorated and delicious cupcakes ever and our big dream is born !

Donna Wilson

since a week we are cuddling a bit with the wonderfull creation of donna wilson , it is rather selfish of us because we hide them so far in the back of the shop and wont reveal them to the public before the end of this week but we are just adding more love to those lovely pillows and plaids ... donna wilson herself is nothing but the sweetest girl i ever met , despite the fact that in the design world she is called a " all round textile legend " she keep her down to hearth simplicity ,and welcomed us as old good friend on her stand at maison et objet in paris .

when my friend and photographer Aniken zhal furunes popped out the question : Are you the ONE donna wilson to her , she was all giggles and smile and blushed and wispered ..yes ...

so let me tell you how warmly i recommand her sweet wool handmade in england pillows and plaids , plate and scarfs and let me share with you the joy of vibrant colors !

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Donna Wilson queen of knitting

oh ah ! we are back to our serene childwood with Donna Wilson´s design , there is so much cosyness in her pieces and those colors and those cute drawings ... i am only posting a few photos and i will tell you a lot more about her tomorrow ..

Sonia Rykiel House

hello and welcome to the bigg update on what is happening at shine this week ..

so we have decided that with such a big follower group of Sonia Rykiel collection we should also introduce her home design and make everyone sleep and bath in her stylish stripe !

do you know that Sonia Rykiel is the only designer who send her models down the catwalk with a smile ! it is perfectly fitting for our little shop to share the joy :)

lets go SONIA !

a satisfied shopper

i was rather happy after placing my order at maison et objet fair in Paris ..

sleep happy !

when the decision to have Orla Kiely again was made then we thought lets do it all !

so here are also the bed linen ... gorgious ones coming stored in the biggest hard box ever !

Orla Kiely mugs

lovely Orla Kiely mugs in so many prints , to have a bright morning , a happy colorfull one , to celebrate the beginning of a new day ... at home or at the office .. and affordable they are too : 140 kr !

Orla Kiely all over the place !

of course i have to give an explanation on why we had a break in our love affair with Orla Kiely , some years ago when our sales of her design were at the top i suddently had the feeling that it was more honest to our customer who bought her bags and clothes and felt unique for us to stop selling so they will keep the feeling of carrying something unique , that was when the prints were not renewing as often as now ... now is another era were each season Orla is re-doing the best seller but also having new and fresh prints .

so we are happy to present a wide range of her prints on different support and for different budget ...

so many news !

so alright i am not the fastest to update with news but here they come and some more ...
this week will see the return of designer Orla kiely at shine ..after a break of over 3 years i have decided that it is finally time again for the fantastic print of misses Orla kiely .
some years ago we had a great succes with her bags and her raincoat , they are joyfull and make us smile , they are strong and water resistant , witch is a plus in this country :) they are timeless ( who cares about being a bit crazy some times ) in bref we are very happy to be have her design back in store for this coming spring !