Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little je ne sais quoi...

Call it an obsession but I really can't enough warm knitwear for winter, maybe it's because i truly froze last winter but when I found this new brand ( Des petits hauts) I was in heaven .
Maybe it's because they don't want to try everything and keep making mainly tops so they can get really good at it , maybe it is because their collection was feminine with a real Parisian attitude and some touch of glitter , mostly it is because their collection really stand out at the fair I was visiting in Paris last winter .

All their pieces are so easy , it fits any garderobes , it has a little touch of je ne sais quoi ...

And the cotton tops are so comfy as well ..

Ha ! And this little red one ... So good over anything else and the cut is wonderful with it's A shape and it's short length .

And that shirt is a must but you have to be fast because it's almost sold out ,

small heart shirt black on white ..

And the best red/wine wool dress ( picture yourself in it, this winter when it's really really cold ! everybody will want to hug you for it !)

Have a wonderful evening :)
Shine !


  1. Den vinrøde kjolen var nydelig! Hva er prisen?

  2. Hei! Den koster 1400,- kom innom og proev da vel! :)

  3. Hi there! I have desperately been trying to track down the des petits hauts blue sequin jumper - but I cannot find it anywhere (seems to be sold out) That is how I came across your lovely blog :) I sent a question about the jumper to your FLIKR account where you had the pic of you wearing it - but had no reply so thought I would try here! Do you have any idea on how I could manage to get my hands on it?

    Many thanks!

  4. hello nanette , i am so sorry a just see your comment so late , but we were sold out very soon and we know that they were as well in france in all their shops , we had as well a couple of other people from abroad who asked for it whithout succes , but quite often for best sellers they start making them again next season so if you keep posted and i see its coming next winter i will tell you :)
    merry christmas !