Thursday, April 22, 2010

friday´s homemade

this friday i will need everyone to be very sweet with me because i am making the cupcakes ! kim has had lots of work lately and is sick for the day so please be mercyfull of my not so good looking handmade alternatives and close your eyes and just imagine its his creation standing on your plate :) on saturday everything will be back to normal :gorgious and good looking cupcakes for a super weekend !

long summer nights and wedding too

haa i was waiting for someone close to get married this summer so i could use one of this dresses by Baum und pferdgarten but helas it´s no one i know who is getting married so i will wait for one summer night instead with chilled wine and good friends ..

boheme and parisian chic

my favorite red dress..

this dress is fantastic! it can be either : sexy , clean , laid back and many more things reflecting your mood of the day , the textile is cotton lycra and the cut is so smart , with pockets to be confortable and i think it can be used at work or party , for the one who dare less we have one left in black :)

strong and sweet outfits

wedding outfits ...

silk linen dress in blue by Orla Kiely , one of her most timeless dress this season , can be use at the office or for a wedding , everything about it is soooo elegant ! coat to go with it or on its own .

last beautifull Sonia Rykiel coat

dess from baum , and last coat from Sonia , this one is the dream coat of this sring !

a bit of spring feeling...

we decided yesterday to take "some" pictures of our dresses to show how they were on .. it ended up with a bit more pictures than we thought , so i am putting them here and we are also making an album at shine , i hope it will allow you to have a better idea of the shapes and way to use them ..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

no PARIS for you !

not in Paris , still in town( as most people due to take a flight i was stopped by nature ) , trying to confort myself with all kind of small and big pleasures in life , so i had a fun bath with my two sons , a spring meal with blueshell and white wine in great company , a friendly power breakfast and a visit to my shop were we got lots of news ( don´t ask me how packets got throught from paris or london ! )
our trip is pushed until next week and for now i am sharing colors with you , the new EOS ecological lipbalm with spf and a beautifull and rather sexy red dress from Vanessa Bruno and a clean necklace from Helena Rohner , Helena had one more time an article in a design magazine , this time the danish RUM ..check it out .

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new Orla Kiely bed linen and bath delivery today !

constantin in bed with Orla Kiely jacquard white and multi stem pillow bed linen and mustard wool cover from røros plaid ..

yepee ! today we had the joy of receiving no less than 6 huge packets from Orla Kiely , the first packets witch arrived a month ago flew out of the shop so fast that i had to call at Orla Kiely the day after the first delivery and ask how fast they could deliver more !
so today we received all the sold out items plus some new colors and patterns , as a little reminder i writte here the sooo cheap price of the bathroom towels : face cloth 50 kr , hand cloth 99 kr , bath 199 kr , bath sheet 299 kr and from the hand to the bath sheet the sizes are really big so you get more for your money and the quality is super good !

Isabel Marant silk blue shirt and chan luu silver and leather bracelet

i felt so nice trying this blue shirt from Isabel Marant , it was like wearing a cloud and the winter flew out of the window , this light blue or all blue are fast becoming my favorite colors this spring , so nice it can also mix well with a jeans or any formal outfit , on the photo i was wearing my chan luu bracelet in silver and black leather , i feel a bit naked without it , it is both really cool and tuff and comes in other colors witch can also be sweeter , this piece of jewel is more like a weeding ring , hard to remove at the end of the day , i even sleep with mine :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

soon Paris

it is j-3 as i will be flying to paris on friday this week , i don´t know what to pack because i get new contradictory messages from my mother all the time , once it is so hot everyone is in tee shirt the other is its raining and cold and everyone is depressed : i think the parisien are just as eager as us to see real spring coming .

last night i saw the documentary The september issue about the making of the biggest american VOGUE number and i kept dreaming about those two womans , Anna wintour ,Grace Goddington , my god what caracter they have , one is cold as ice and freaky the other one is a genius in making dream pictures come true , i really recommand that movie to anyone who loves fashion a bit or a lot .
i have lot to do before i leave but i will try to keep posting and posting :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

blue blue !

i loved this top/ dress from Baum und pferdgarten so much ! too sad i can get the bottom seam down my hips , i will have to enjoy seing someone else be fabulous in it , for the photo christina was trying it yesterday , it is fresh and cool and easy to wear everyday alone or with jeans . and the blue bag is by Louison and its now mine in this color but we have some brown and other shape left .

a wonderfull coat for next winter

i was asked today about what was coming next winter , i think a lot of woman are really upfront in fashion and nothing is better than a very new crisp coat . so here is the one from Phillip Lim ( as a warning : i ordered only one because of the price witch is rather hight but as this customer was saying , it is good we can find exclusive pieces also in trondheim ! so ...if that coat is not sold after a short time in the shop then it is mine :)
it is my dream coat and i would have cried in my heart if i did not have one in shop for next winter .

saturday outfit

today i decided to start taking pictures of what i wear when the outfit actually make sense ( most time it does not make sense as i just put something on while trying to get two small boys in their clothe too :)
so today outfit was my good old pair of Acne boots , summer 2010 beige dress from Baum und Pferdgarten( cost 2400 kr ) , scarf from Missoni , vintage beige bag Chanel , and my favorite spring wool coat from Paul and Joe winter 2006 .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

endelig fredag !

one good things about the end of the holliday is that it´s back to cupcakes every fridays and saturdays at shine ! so see you for a sweet piece of cake :)

something about small time luxury ..

i know it is the second time i writte about nail polish but honestly there is something really over indulgent about painting my nails when i have to small boys to take care off and a shop ..and also i have a special fascination for nail polish witch is border line as i never get to use them more than a couple of time before i feel the color is out of fashion.. so about this one , the story is : it is the last trend color from CHANEL , a very special cross over mocca and beige ( how unlikely for me !) it took me about five store in 3 different city to put my hand on one bottle of it ! i was first in paris in a random perfumery and it was sold out , at the oslo international airport on my way to copenhagen sold out , finally at the chanel department inside birger chistensen they had 2 ! bottles left ! of course by then i was totally desperate so i bought one ... ( the real reason why i was at chanel in the first place was to buy a pair of ballerina but i had to satisfy myself with nail polish as all ballerinas from chanel were sold out in copenhagen ten days ago :)
there you can see my nail polish match my last gluten , sugar , milk free cupcakes ( ash !) but the polish was good :)
if you follow my blogg in ten days i am in PARIS again and theeeen i will get my pair of CHANEL ballerinas DEAD or ALIVE !

Tim Walker´s magic world

after a year trying to bring back my favorite photo book home it is thanks to amazon that my Tim Walker book landed at my place today ! i am so happy ! you have no idea how many time i have been dwelling in paris or elsewhere over the question on how much it would cost me in overweight luggage to take that book home . on my last trip i gave up , also because there was a waiting list on it , so i decided to try amazon on the good advice of my other photographer friend
now i am looking forward to many evening spendings enjoying the inspiring world of Tim Walker .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

it is so fun working with friends !

month ago we started anniken and i a trip to dream and creative land that brought us from trondheim to paris , from a room at shine filled with clothe collection to a room with interior , clothe , and a tea salong , from a visit to merci in paris to an article in interior magazine , en bref lots a fun and work and great results !
when anniken set her mind to create some new interior for my shop it is the full package i got : a set of pages with all i needed down to each prices and telephone numbers for all the things i dreamed of ! i just had to choose from all her great ideas and that was the only difficult part :) , the project shine is not entirely ready but in a small week most will be in place and then we will share some well deserved champagne !
in the interior magazine this month you can read all about our trip to Merci in paris and much more from anniken ..

New dromadar cafe !

Oh joy ! Just yesterday dromadar opened the door of its new place and I had to take first a take away this morning early and now on my way home , the interior is a lot more ruff and masculine than the 3 first dromadar and I love the simplicity of it and the combination of the red brick wall , the leather sofa and the cool lighting ! This place is just going to get better as it ages .. And the terrace outside will be the perfect spot this summer ... Its between mollenberg and baklandet , go and enjoy : )