Friday, September 28, 2012



 A few of the cool pieces we received from Maria Black this week .
more to come .


IRO at its best !

This season is all about BIG chunky knitwear , the kind your granny could have made but with a crazy twist , let me say it , i have lots of people looking at those pieces and wondering how it is made , most of the time a great knitter will figure out but on this particular one, most can see that the work on it is so intricate that they hardly could be done at home .

if you want ONE statement piece this winter it might be it !

oh yes and IRO bordeaux waxed jeans are just flying out so get yourself a pair of those ones before its too late ..

Its sunny out there so enjoy your friday and i will keep posting you in :)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

SONIA by Sonia Rykiel HAPPY tops ..

a little bit of color for YOU in your busy/crazy day ...

i hear everyday now how busy everyone is and its hard in those moorings to wake up and think about colors , but colors give you happiness or give the ones looking at you joy !
here are some little pull over by Sonia Rykiel witch carry a joyful spirit ..

don´t loose your smile and keep going  on ..


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AJA long coat by Isabel Marant

There is always one this light weight timeless coat in each Isabel Marant collection 
Honestly i cannot tell you witch season they belong to when i spot one from several years ago because that is the genius of it all : they could be used in ten years from now and still be as cool !
here is AJA 

It can be actually worn all winter beside its thinness on top of a thick wool dress or cardigan ..

we have 2 left in the shop ..

Have a lovely day ..


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Isabel Marant Itzel extra ..

i guess we can say that Karoline is my muse when it comes to taking pictures of our pieces in the shop .
I feel like she fits everything and can carry anything , when we were in Paris the 3 of us ( Agnes , i and karoline ) we had this special moment at the Isabel Marant shop ( it was sale then ) were we all went trying half the shop and whatever Karoline puts on her back looked  AMAZING !
witch was not the case with the rest of us ...
but here taken from the ultra fab blog : comes the Itzel pant we blog about on another great model ..
got to love it !

the jacket is Momo , sold out now from shine .

have a lovely evening ..



We have been waiting for this fabulous coat for a long time , each winter Sonia Rykiel make one the best winter coat we have in store , but this one tops it all !
see the details ..

its is made from the finest wool , the detail in the neckline is adorable , the shape fits all with its flattering back , it is warm and do not let the wind blow trough , the knitted arm keeps you warm were we need it in winter ...
well I LOVE IT !



Monday, September 24, 2012

Isabel Marant monday coolness !

Karoline was back this weekend and we had a day taking various pictures around the city .

here she is wearing the super beautiful wool jacket from Isabel Marant Odessa .
a grey wool top from our new basics With&Wessel the super cool duo based in New York .
and the Itzel velour pant from Isabel marant .
the Isabel Marant boots are Karo´s own as we are sold out in the shop .


i think it looks like the collect outfit , i want it all !


Friday, September 21, 2012

SONIA by Sonia Rykiel at Shine

All our collection from SONIA by Sonia Rykiel came in yesterday and Karoline is back this weekend from Frederikstad and we could take many pictures , so here are some of the best wool tops and dresses that we got in store now ...
Karoline and Emma will be in the store tomorrow to help you out while i am spending the weekend with my little boys ...

Fantastic long wool dress in dark shade , feel all autumn and cosy ..

karoline is wearing the Surface To Air two tone pant with a wool top from SONIA 
Vanessa Bruno mini bag .

this light wool is my favorite as it fade to black in the bottom and its so slimming .

haaa i LOVE the berry fushia color of that one !!

and last but not least this great one fits over a jeans and a skirt and everything !



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maria Black jewels at Shine

If you follow us a little bit and visit us regularly you already know that we have been retailing the wonderfull Maria Black collection for over a year now .
Of course we take pride in being the first one to bring you the newest collection there is , and many of you who are also in the known have been fast at grabbing her cool designs ...
from next week we are re-stocking big time on her jewels and we hope you will still grant us your attention ...

we have ordered a lot of her newest pieces and will get delivered from next week up to november ..


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wednesday outfit Isabel Marant , Jerome Dreyfuss

 Very soon i will have some new fresh pictures to come up with, but for now i am posting those little outfit presentation that Elise made up for you with all things fabulous we have in store now. 
how to combine things up and use the same good pieces several times and in different ways .

i hope you get inspired ..

Isabel Marant Alan jacket here
Isabel Marant finn top here
the Jerome Dreyfuss bag we are sold out but we have similar models
 from the norwegian duo Cala and Jade in store 

Isabel Marant Itzel pant here
top same as above 


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a SUNNY but COLD day outfit ..

isn't this outfit the most easy for an everyday use ?
i certainly thin so . a great pair of jeans a good pull-over , the perfect autumn jacket with the right length a wool hat to keep warm and VOILA ..

hat by AIAYU you find here
pull over by Vanessa Bruno here
and jeans by Des Petit hauts witch we have in two color you find here

this fab wool jacket by Vanessa bruno you find here


Monday, September 17, 2012

good monday morning !

good monday morning ! 
we have received a refill of our favorite pants from Superfine , the legging in dark blue but also some new exiting models in beautiful gray shades .

I hope that you got like me, used to this grey rainy weather, and made the best out of your weekend.

I spent mine having lots of good time with my boys and i feel ready for a new week ..

This coming week we will receive the SONIA by Sonia Rykiel collection so keep tuned .

What we receiving is very unlike this photo because its mostly colorful apart from a couple of beautiful coats in dark blue and black .


Friday, September 14, 2012

friday night ....

I love those pictures of karoline in her NINKA skirt from Aiyau !
it is simple but stunning .

Many have already bought it , used it and are very happy about the wool jersey quality of it .
we have 2 left in black but have ordered more in both black and grey , so let us know if you want to be on the list when they come ..

AND then to end on another note , i think it is quite radical how we turn the shop around from summer to winter ! under is the summer " look " fitting the collection in store or the designer in the room 
here most from SONIA by Sonia Rykiel summer 2012 
we are expecting her Winter collection in store this coming week .

and NOW this winter that room is dedicated to Isabel Marant collection .
we have a special place in our heart for Isabel Marant  , when we started selling her design 8 years ! ago we were the only shop in norway, but we knew already that she was the coolest , now 8 years after and 16 collection behind we can say that her styles are the ones that never age , one pieces witch was super cool then is still super hot now .
and god knows how popular she is now ! 

Shine team wish you a lovely friday evening , i hope everyone is cosying up in their home .



It´s friday and your week is finally coming to an end with all the madness 
BUT you have nothing to wear ! 
here is how to solve the riddle , same jacket as yesterday , the bag is another version of the Vanessa Bruno lune nord sud in blue instead of black but it could as well be black ..

a simple linen tee-shirt over a pattern pant and a wool jacket .
Isabel Marant  itzel pant in the shop and here
Isabel Marant octavia jacket in the shop and here
Vanessa Bruno lune nord sud bag here

AND this is the way karoline wore her pant in the countryside  while riding her horse :)

 The power jacket in town .

Have a fantastic friday !