Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today pretty Cupcakes !

Today Cupcakes at shine come dressed in the most pretty frosting ! Pink , blue and creamy white ...hurry to get yours as they are few ones left !

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leather skirt

This skirt is made out of the softest lamb skin ever , its like touching butter .

Phillip lim first delivery

the first pieces of the collection has arrived , this is really the top designer we have at shine and in town so far , the quality , the attention to all the small details , its like wearing a piece of haute couture ..the prices are according but those pieces will be the treasure in your wardrobe for many years to come ...

vanessa bruno basics

this week and this week only and for the first time until this saturday we give you the oportunity to get your right basics from vanessa bruno at a reduced price of 30 % off.
for the many who has bought them years after years since six years we wont present them because you know how good they are .. for the other ones here is a small :) resume ..

vanessa bruno has and is producing basic tops in silk and wool of the upper most strong and beautifull quality , we have polo necks ,round necks ,V necks , the tread is made of silk and wool and the effect is a slim ribb , at shine and at vanessa bruno we use those " under tops " with all kind of dresses with open neck and arms , under work jackets , to go out in the cold but keep a certain style etc... basically at any given time you can pop up at shine and someone will be wearing one of those tops because they are pretty and they are warm and comfortable ...

we have a small reduction on those this week and if i was you i would pile up for this winter and the next one and the next one ... you will never be cold and or unstylish with those ones

ha yes , and the best is that they are longggg so no more cold backs or tummy ..
ps: its aloud to call the shop at 73516910 to put your colors and size aside before someone else snap it :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kim's Cupcakes at shine

This week again to celebrate the weekend and all of the women out there , kim our baker has made some of his delicious Cupcakes ! Come and have a bite while dreaming about summer ...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our best window ever !

christina goes pretty in Sonia rykiel

Sonia rykiel and camilla ...

Today outfit , camilla is giving an edge to a Sonia rykiel dress with a leather jacket and camilla pritz bambi necklace ... Very cool !

our mascotte

constantin in sonia rykiel scarf to the great joy of this afternoon passer-by ....we could have left him a while since everyone was smilling back at him and he could see his own reflection in the window and smile back at this pretty baby ...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucky me !

Now finally its monday night , kids are in bed and I can enjoy my evening reading all the new press of this month , starting with the next season collection revues By Elle then vogue and harper's bazaar ... Lucky me !

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy valentine !

we have Cupcakes today at shine ! They match our collection and have been made with love ,..from shine to you ! come and enjoy :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My new hat for next winter !

Cafe victor

Second coffee at cafe victor where I feel like it is still the middle of the night , jazz music, mellow ambience and shining glass in the bar ...

Cafe europa

First things first ! I am taking a solid breakfast at my usual cafe europa , they have the best presentation of food and the view is awesome , and frankly I need this since I had to wake up at 3.30 . Europa is what you call an institution in copenhagen, journalists , fashion model , politician ,students use it as a base to see and be seen ,but it also reminding me of an old french brasserie . Ha I love this city ! Here I feel like I am abroad ! In paris I feel like I am home , its nice too : )

On my way to copenhagen

In the taxi from kalstrup to the center , thinking about my day ahead , lots of meeting , one day , back at eleven tonight ...i will order from Sonia rykiel , alberto fasciani , isabel marant here since they all have agent and beautiful showrooms ...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

more candy colors and prints from Sonia Rykiel

the blue and white stripe so fresh for summer with a pair of flat balerina or the pink leopard and also all the metal dot dresses , the Zip TOPS ! a must have , there is so many good things in that collection that i have been unable to choose one yet , i want them ALL !

timeless pieces

Sonia Rykiel is really the queen of knitwear but those pieces are so timeless we could see ourselves use them in fifteen years from now , you can´t go wrong with those stripes , and what about the lovely little pull over and the preppy coat in beige and black !

candy store ..

we received some gorgious pieces from Sonia Rykiel this last week and a good friend said when she entered the store that it looked like a candy store :)
lets share ..

Monday, February 1, 2010

my favorite oslo blogger ..

please please take five minuts of your precious time to go on
its a one way trip to good taste and so much more !

sweet birhtday ..

this saturday it was sweet Aina birthday and we gathered at her beautifull home .

no one like aina knows how to create a lovely table and make you feel at home ..

gift from us girls : tea and chocolate from Laduré , bracelet from Shine and beauty box and diary ..lots of love really ...long night , gorgious tapas food and delicious wine ... home at 3 , the moon was really really following us .