Wednesday, February 29, 2012

this is NOT fashion !

or maybe it is ...

Here we are, Elise and i ... dear Elise going along those long  days with me , now the webshop is 10 hours away from opening and we have worked and worked and our stage is far from being about glamour and elegance !

the word CHIC has definitely left the building !

the facts are : today i actually came at work with a pant plastered with what probably is some yogurt ..

And Elise is so tired she forgot half of her hair at home !

normally Elise is very inspiring like in this picture below ..

but as you can see the glamour pouffed out of her tonight ( see picture on top of this post ) 

BUT hey  my glamour´s so gone i seriously don´t even think i should post a pic of me right now !!

earlier today we were taking the last photos in the studio , had barred several boxes again in the car , out the car , up 3 level , back in the car forgot half the stuff , back in the studio and then Karoline was sitting there, all sweet on this wool fluff  ..

and the rack of clothes was set like this .

and THEN Elise looked MAGIC !

BUT that was this morning ...

now Elise and I are looking forward to celebrate ...

And we will start our day with all the SHINE girls around coffee and croissants ..

have a lovely ...night :)

...shine ...


We have such a nice and varied jewels selection at Shine right now, its unbelievable. Here are a few of our gorgeous necklaces! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

haaa i have so much to tell you ! i will have to chunk it out .. as you maybe have noticed the last month this blog had become more and more simply about the pieces we were getting and not so much about the blog . This is going to change !
We are finally opening a webshop after a growing demand from several customers in norway but also abroad ( we have sent packet as far as australia ! i think this is due to some of our designers being so hype now that more and more found it difficult to find in their local shop ) .
Sooo now that the webshop is soon to open we have time to take the blog back to being more personal !

aaaand i will have to cut it in chunk :) .....for the one who knows me good : i can talk/write for hours .

so my first re-blogging pictures is perfect ! 

rutzou kjole 
cause its me :) in one of my favorite ( new in the shop ) dress ! 

And for the little real story .. today was really an off day witch i started on the wrong foot ; first had to run trough bad rain/ try not to slide on the icy road while delivering my boys at daycare , then when ( as planned) we arrived...( we being elise , karoline and i ) at the photo studio to take some photos for the webshop ( upload/ unload car in the rain nice/not +elevator not working so up 3 staircases with lots of boxes ) We found out that the camera was not working !!! 

But later today this big feel good packet arrived ...

rutzou snake skin sneakers 
First a box with those powder snake skin rutzou sneakers .yeah ! 
Then the fabulous dress that we had been waiting for !

Agnes had to make a happy dance for it ! 
I must say : we love both the dress for everything it is and its price : 1499-, !!

So EVEN so i had a bad hair day combined with NO make up = bad combo , It still took me circa 2mn to jump in the dress :)
Witch ..changed my day because it made me instantly happy !! Crazy the power of clothes ha ! 

And if you wonder what our more than platinum blond ,Karoline looks like in that same yellow dress, there it is :

I think she looks LOVELY ...

so more pictures of her :)

i hear quite often many blond saying that yellow make them look yellow .. here its more like pale pale pink witch is so elegant ..

And also in the blue dress ..

I would and will wear this dress for a party , a summer wedding , for everyday with a pair of boots , just for the pleasure of it . 

I will tell you another time the beauty of wearing a dress , how it is so much more easy than one think ..

but for now , good evening to all of you !


Monday, February 27, 2012

Garance Dore is the queen of streetstyle photography and illustrations. Check out her blog

Got to love it! 


This forte_forte dress in yellow is such a fabulous spring piece, makes you dream of lazy and sunny relaxed days.

Th belt is from forte-forte as well and goes with everything, especially over white oversized shirts. Imagine with sandals in summer! And perhaps a little hat! We cant wait.

DRESS: 2499,-
BELT: 899,-

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Karoline looking fierce in an alley, wearing Charlottes Isabel Marant heels, Isabel Isley linen trousers and the FAMOUS Iro jacket that is just the piece of the year, really. 

We hope you have a relaxing and fun Sunday! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012


Karoline in Iro Salome dress! 



Thursday, February 23, 2012


Its been our secret project for a while, but here it is! Opening on Thursday the 1st of March!

We're so excited to launch this site for all the people that don't live in Trondheim, the people that don't have time to come to the shop, and just to give a hint of pleasure and giving more people the opportunity to see what fabulous pieces we've got and are getting. We hope you'll love it as much as we do! And dont worry, we'll be sure to let you know the very moment when its up and running on Wednesday! 


We thought we'd introduce you to the whole team at Shine today, as we want you to know us better!

Charlotte started this shop 10 years ago, and is an expert in french fashion and style, and a self made entrepreneur. Originally from Paris, every season she sets out to the fashion fairs in her home town and in Copenhagen, looking for best brands and pieces to bring home to Shine.

She is the ultimate stylist, and is unafraid to tell you what you look good in. The fashion advice she gives is priceless.



3 THINGS CHARLOTTE LOVES: Travelling, open landscapes, people who smile.

3 THINGS CHARLOTTE HATES: Dog poo in the streets, bad wallpaper, people who leave the milk out (Elise)


Agnes is the beautiful blonde with the artistic skills, who is always impeccably dressed with her own unique classic style. With a determined mind and killer looks, she is an invaluable gem here at Shine! Agnes has studied art in Denmark, and has a real talent for anything to do with art. Agnes is working on the shop floor and will welcome you every day with a smile!

AGNES' DREAM JOB: Scenograf/smykkedesigner

OBSESSION RIGHT NOW: Short jackets, skirts, shoes, vintage rings

3 THINGS AGNES LOVES: Travelling, drawing, laughing.

3 THINGS AGNES HATE: Sisters that steal her clothes, coffee without milk, wet shoes.


Karoline started working at Shine summer of 2011, and is a delight to work with, as she is constantly super happy and also an inspirational dresser. She's not afraid to try a new look or style and gives great style advice! Karoline is teamed with Agnes on the shop floor and also has a special talent for drawing on windows! Amongst other things. 

KAROLINES DREAM JOB:  Painter with small studio in Paris.

OBSESSION RIGHT NOW: Karl Lagerfeldt, hats, colours

3 THINGS KAROLINE LOVES: Paris, her horses, Danish counts.

3 THINGS KAROLINE HATES: Losing her mobile phone, bad weather, grumpyness.


Elise has been at Shine on and off since 2006, and is currently here as a media-ansvarlig, designing blogg and occasionally taking photographs for the blogg and facebook page. Now working on a new project for Shine, that you're gong to LOVE. 

ELISES DREAM JOB: James Bond-girl, or astronaut.

OBSESSION RIGHT NOW: Antique clocks, coffetable books, Isabel Marant Roomi top. 

3 THINGS ELISE LOVES: Burgers, cigarettes, couture.

3 THINGS ELISE HATES: Polyester,  removing usb safely, low battery on my Blackberry.


Natalia is our glamorous russian super brain, and is our in-house accountant. She has a mathematical brain like no other, and has been at Shine for six fabulous months. 

NATALIAS DREAM JOB:  Investment banker


3 THINGS NATALIA LOVES: Shine, my husband, jewellery

3 THINGS NATALIA HATES: Getting up before 09:00, pina colada, being late. 

Do you feel you know us a little bit better? :)

We hope so. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We just got these fabulous necklaces from the french designer Servanne Gaxotte with dolls that are for grown ups! They are silver coated, and each have their own distinct look and super cute little couture outfit.

Each time i have been traveling to the most exclusive accessory fair in Paris called : premiere classe witch happen to be at the same time as the week of the couture show ( nice ) i have gone back to the marvelous dreamy little doll necklace of the designer Servanne gaxotte ...

Servanne , create new dolls twice a year and makes miniature couture oufit for them and small bags , when i met with the designer we sat down with her wonderful team and plucked 17 dolls witch we customized according to season and taste ..

I love each of them because they are pretty and detailed , their little dress fitting well ..

how cute is this little rabbit ? his clutch once close is covered in lila diamond .

                    some of the dolls are smaller in size and have more casual outfit ..

                  this little mysterious princess with a mask and angel wings is my favorite :)

           sooo cute !!

                              Some dolls are perfect to wear at a wedding or give as a gift .

this is the rabbit from Alice in wonderland :)

                                     And Pippi langstrompe :) as seen by the french designer ...

                                            how beautiful is this one with her pearl dress ?

                                                             we will show more soon ..

witch one of those sweet ones represent you best ? or witch one do you like best ? i have been really into the ones we outfit i could only dream to wear and strong colored dresses :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This brand that we love so much and is super french and fun arrived today, and we're so happy!!

The colors are so summery and fabulous, we cant wait for summer! 

Here are a few of the many many cool items:

HAVANE DRESS  // 1250,- // XS, S, M, L

TASMANIE SHIRTS // 1050,- //  XS,S, M, L

CERFEUIL // 1100,- // XS, S, M, L

SAMI // 1050,- // XS, S, M, L

BOCAGE // 1399,- // XS, S, M, L

IGUAZU DRESS // 750,- // XS, S, M, L