Sunday, September 25, 2011


You've probably spotted these Femme Fatale perfumes at the shop?

They're a brand called Tokyomilk, and we have three different perfumes, all with their own distinct characteristics.

The one with the gun, called 'Bulletproof' is a mix of coconut milk, smoked tea, crushed cedar and ebony woods, and is probably the 'heaviest' of the three. 

This one called 'Crushed', has hints of earth and moss, wild grass and jasmine, and is quite fresh and sweet.

The one with the key, called 'Tainted Love' is a blend of dark vanilla bean, orchids, white tea and sandalwood. 

Along with the perfumes there are also matching lip balms and hand creams in the same design. 

The perfumes cost 480,-

Come in and smell for yourself! :)

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