Friday, September 2, 2011

Angel wings scarfs and other things

I don't know about you but I have a strong weakness for scarfs with patterns ( but cannot stand to have the same then everyone ) mine have to personal but I tend to love the ones witch can be a bit on the off side , I mean sometimes I don't really understand my own taste , they can be too sweet or to old fashion and still I LOVE them !
Like this huge collection I fell in love with,some month ago in Paris and That came today , it's both very cool and a bit odd ..
But I am certainly not the only one cause karolina too, was in awe ..

Bonne soiree :)


  1. the one with angel wings...weird, but lovely ;) How much?

  2. Ja, jeg hadde lite annet valg enn å ta turen ned. Ikke bare pryder englevinger mine skuldre, pumaskjerf måtte også med. Planen er (blant annet) å bruke dem dobbelt. Se opp for flygende puma! GH