Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's in my bag

Let me introduce you to my bag ; it's my little vitamin shot every morning and I feel it was very bold to choose it in THAT color :)

Ta daa... the ps1 by Proenza schouler ! In orange suede :)
so , I was in Copenhagen at the most beautifull accessories shop : holly golightly, and was torn between many choices ; a new balenciaga , a brown satchel from Marni and my first choice a black Proenza , and when I saw that orange model I just felt inside that it was so right but still had to take a walk for a while ; but a woman need to follow her heart and what makes me most happy is that bright orange color !
And in my bag today as most day I pack ...

The rouge noir by Chanel because I always hope I will find five minuts to put it on my nails ..

In my two beloved glitter pockets , one I have in pink the other in silver from louison Paris , I pack my super Aesop perfume witch remind me my French grand mother who always and still smell so elegant ; a mix between Shalimar and l'heure bleue . I also use a dab of Bobbi brown lip shine especially on days I feel a bit tired as I find it helps a lot :)

And of course always , my ipad , a magazine, a note book from ordning&reda witch color change as often as my moods and some accessories...
So from the cosy bottom of my bag I wish you a lovely day :) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Looove your new bag! Hope you enjoyed Lissie ;)

  2. Lissie was the highlight of my evening ! I think I was shouting the songs but felt alone with her and she was superb! I hope you had a nice evening too :)

  3. Nydelig veske!
    Passer deg nok fint ;-)