Friday, August 31, 2012

The perfect fall accessory...

We have received so many incredible hats in the shop the last few days. A warm hat in a soft material is the perfect way to keep warm on those icy cold days.

Fabulous Charlotte in our favourites...

Warm and stylish "Folys" hat by our favourite Isabel Marant, 780,- 

"Folys" also comes in a beautiful grey colour. 

The beautiful Aiayu "Antonella" hat comes in a variety of colours. Here in Bordeaux. 1050,-

"Antonella" by Aiayu in a swedish grey colour. The material is 100% baby lama wool, so it will keep your head warm all winter!

We think this hat is just as beautiful in a classic black colour!

All the hats will be available on our netshop with the new upload over the weekend! Do stop by the shop if you are in Trondheim, and find your perfect fall hat!



Wednesday, August 29, 2012



With the temperature dropping a bit more everyday, and fall leaves beginning to show up, we are really starting to feel like fall here at Shine.

This is also true for our wardrobes! We have gotten so many incredible, warm, cozy knits in the last few weeks!

Here are some of our favorites...

Super cool Des Petits Hauts striped knit, 1350,- here with the perfect fall pants, Bordeaux pants by Des Petits Hauts, 950,- 

We love the combination of colors and the glitter detailing of this warm knit, Des Petits Hauts, 1550,- 

 The beautiful Cala & Jade Nusch bag is made in the softest leather and the most beautiful color. Combining style with practicality, it will easily carry all your books, laptop..

This cool knit is from the newest collection arrived in the shop, By Zoé! The brown knit, 950,- here combined with the über-cool leather-look pants, also from By Zoé, 1399,- 

 A strong blue, long/short long-sleeved knit from Des Petits Hauts, 1299,-, styled with bordeaux pants and the most amazing forte_forte necklace, 

 The coolest shoulder bag we have seen in a long time is named after the it-Girl and blogger Hanneli. Wear with one or two straps. Hanneli bag by Cala & Jade, 2790,-

 Vanessa Bruno Nord Sud Lune Sac in a classic noir color, 4900,- (on shineshop here) Only 1 left in the shop!

And lastly this cool studded Vanessa Bruno pullover, 2299,- (on shineshop here)here with the navy Des Petits Hauts jeans, 950,- 

Stop by Shine to find your perfect knit, and if you do not live in the city all these lovely knits will be available on the webshop very soon.

Which one is your favorite? 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Are you ready for Autumn ?

Here we have not had a real summer so it feels a bit strange to start straight to Autumn ..
the first morning cold are here to remind ourself that the time for sandals and light clothes are over!
We are welcoming each weeks new pieces for the winter season ..

Here are two of the great coats we have in store..

Vanessa Bruno coat with leather patch, 3990,-

Isabel Marant Jenny Boots in Noir colour, 3250,-
find them on our netshop here:

Vanessa bruno Tri-colour knit pullover, 1850,-

Isabel Marant "Folys" hat, 780,-

Des Petits Hauts bordeaux jeans, 950,-

Each winter Isabel Marant makes a wonderful wool coat and this one is fantastic with its dark blue shade and its recognizable shape .

Isabel Marant "Delphe" coat, 3650,- 
Isabel Marant "Folys" wool hat, 780,-

Vanessa Bruno studded pull-over, 2299,-

Des Petits Hauts Navy jeans, 950,-

The large collar, buttons and pocket give the jacket a slightly vintage feel..

Are you like us and feel that autumn is a wonderful season ?


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Autumn beauty....Forte Forte ..

Some brands are just beautiful ! 
Forte Forte is one of them that keep surprising me by their attention to details and the quality of their craft , it is so far the only brand i ever had witch is made 100% in Italy  , from the textiles to the sewing and you can both feel it and see it in the detail .

Those photos of Emma in Forte forte were taken on a beautiful day out in the park .
they have a dreamy feel to it witch also what i get from this brand : the elegance from the past ...

I love those pictures , the way the skirt is falling , the heaviness of it , the shimmery shadows , and most then all the perfect shade of blue ...

Forte Forte is all about details so they also have striking accessoire called unika because they make very few of them like this necklace .



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Post good memories

You will wonder why this random post and i will tell you , it´s a bit grey out there , we have had long days at Shine with so many collection coming in since a week , a new team is working their magic with me but i miss my sweet karoline and Agnes !

Agnes just left for oslo a couple of days ago and we had long goodbyes but karoline has been in frederikstad since ten days and i know its a bit more lonely down there ..

so this is for you kAROLINE CHERIE ..

from our few days in Paris , i am posting this while eating a tartine with peanut butter !!
( bread and peanut butter is a crazy combo for me )

i won't write about the pictures , they speak for themselves ..

hope everyone gets a bit of sun from this ..