Saturday, December 31, 2011

all my pretty dress ..part 2

Before the new year ..


Going trough my dresses , taking pictures make me think about my family , some of these dresses i wore to weddings , baby shower , some i got as gift , some i love , some my husband love , most of them my kids get very happy around , in some i look like my grand-mother or my mother , somehow they are more than dresses ...

i can see when i gather here most of them that they have a boheme feel to them , maybe it is because i want to tell a story when i wear them , most are not cheap because i choose carefully and for life ..

i have a real taste for green ones and surprisingly when i count they is quite a number of Diane von Fustenberg one , i think i like her style because she is a woman creating for all women .

this red chiffon dress i bought over 12 years ago , i buried it in my basement for years and when i got it out it was almost damp , i saved it and now wear it again with some tribal accessories or my new Stella mccartney semi long jacket to make a more severe look to it ..

oh i much i loved everything by Phillip Lim ! i still have the pleasure to own 3 pieces and quite a few gorgeous pieces are own by one of my former colleague so i still see them time and again ..
this light blue dress was the only one i could ever fit , his sizes being too small for me but the details around the neckline are so pretty ..

 i wear this blue dress  with my oversized cocktail rings to remind the strass in the neckline

right now my biggest fashion craving is for wild strong colors , i started this autumn with my orange Proenza pss1 bag and kept on going with this little purple/fushia dress by DvF and would love to have some crazy shoes with it or a yellow fur ..but so far i have to contempt myself with two layers of pantyhose and a statement necklace ..

you are all probably long into the preparation of your new year eve and i hope your night will be all you want it to be !
                                                  so long and see you in the next year !

Thursday, December 29, 2011

all my pretty dresses ...part 1

it´s soon new years eve and as usual i am wondering what to wear ..

 A short time ago a dear friend asked to borrow one item of my wardrobe and we went trough all my dresses and i realized i have many nice ones that i haven't used for a long time , it´s either i use the same dresses everyday and have styled them a thousand times or i used them just for a few occasions ..

 anyhow i think it is a fun thing to do, to find new ways with the same piece ..

over the years i have also built up a huge collection of colored pantyhose witch i use whenever i am in the mood for something a bit crazy , most time i only swear to plain black ones as they will fit anything ,

the little black jacket is my key items when i want something timeless to wear over any dresses ..

If i wear a complicate dress with lots of prints on , i will try to keep the rest simple , here i choose a color in the pantyhose that is in the dress as well , a matching purse and simple hair and make up ..

The little black dress : i have five or more of those black ones , its always a good backup plan in case you don't know what to wear for a dinner or a party ..

 I also think that no matter what the season and your shape is the coolest way is no pantyhose at all ! just a bit of body cream and you are good to go ..

i have dresses that make me travel a bit in my head while i wear them , these blue one for example is from the 50th handmade by the best maroccan designer velasco and was a gift from my beautiful step-mother who received it as a gift herself , it has been ( the dress ) to many decadent party and i love to own it ..

i hope you enjoy this little trip in my wardrobe and i will post more of it tomorrow :)

ps : you should the same , get back into what you own and play with it a bit :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

in between ..

i am in between , not yet ready for summer , still wanting to enjoy the cosiness of winter and all the nice white snow and warm coco but already looking forward to a new year . And i started re-using all my old nice dresses , i just accessorize them differently than i used to many years ago and its kind of a good feeling to wear them again .

There is my beloved Baum dress ( year 2009 i think ) together with new turquoise lace panties , never failing Acne pistol and new long necklace from Maria Black

i could also use some earrings for a night out instead of the necklace for a bit more sparkles like those below from Shine ..

As the year is closing to an end i always feel like they is never enough ways to celebrate and i had this sweet birthday breakfast for a dear friend at home some days before christmas , it was also a way to use my newly bought plate service from a graphic designer i now adore !

 the theme for the breakfast was bohemian  ..i wanted something charged with a mix of all my different dinner wear and bits and pieces of my favorite cups , soft and strong colors , and lots of flowers

 the flowers i could get that day were lighter than the ones i had in mind but with a big bunch of it and lots of pine cones my son had gathered in autumn and some great scents from Shine it did the trick ..

 i was also looking forward to use my Liebe cups that one of my  lovely customers brought me back from copenhagen before they got to be sold out ( the tall ones in the pictures ) and their pastel colors fitted perfectly with the little antique ones ..

i served american pancakes with cinnamon and honey home made butter and lots of good coffee and tea from early morning until time catch up with us and we all had to jump and get going with our busy pre-christmas day ..

i wish everyone some cosy in between days as well ....

Saturday, December 24, 2011

and the winner for the advent konkurense is ...

                                  .......sara noelani ....

we had such a great time reading all your comments , and we learnt a lot more that can help us toward making shine a great place everyday : we are making a system to make our blogg almost like a nettbutikk from next season , we are already increasing our range of scented candles and perfume , next season several new brands are coming with luxury scents , we would love to have Serge lutens perfume range but unfortunately it is a bit too pricey yet so we have found some other cool new york based labels , we will increase soon our shoe selection to go with the clothe we have , we will also post many more personal take on how to style outfits , we are constantly looking into good norwegian brands that could be good at shine and we also take a lot more smaller sizes because we understand how important it is , all TOGETHER we WILL make SHINE the exiting place WE wish for ....

so thank you ALL for your ideas and welcome to a new year !

Sara :) you can come from the 3rd of january at Shine and a great gift card will be waiting for you !

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

many thanks and reasons to be ...

So here it is ; the end of the year , and still it surprises me how fast these last months went , as usual I had planned to plan MUCH better my end of the year , BUT the truth is that it always get soo busy and suddenly pouf you are few days away from Christmas day and you feel like you should have done a lot more partying and should have been a lot more merry and sincerely should have hugged a lot more people around you ...

So ... That's when I decided that we still have that one evening, and we still have some sparkly drinks in our reserve , and we still could drink more glogg , soooo tomorrow Thursday from 18-20:00 you are ALL invited at Shine to celebrate these past months were you all have contributed in making our little shop a better place by following us here on the blogg or Facebook or coming by , Let's Celebrate !

Ps: we know you are busy so just dropping by on your way to
other things is welcome as well :)

Let LOVE shine ....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mathildes Skatter om Liebe på Shine!

Denne superhyggelige damen har skrevet om oss på bloggen sin! 

Hun kjøpte kopper fra Liebe hos oss, og tok et superfint bilde også! Sjekk den ut! 


Yippeeee, we got a new delivery from Tokyo Milk and Simpatico! 

These roller perfumes in their beautiful packaging are such nice gifts! Not only are they decorative but they smell gorgeous. You roll then on your neck or wrist or wherever you want your perfume to sit, and thats it! And they're only 249,-

This is a classic format perfume with scent of honey and jasmine. 420,-

This is the rose petal scented candle! 360,-

This is the fern candle 360,-

And tadaaa, the christmas candle, decorated with little rain deer! Smells of christmas tree and cinnamon. 

Come smell these beauties for yourself! :)


Black feather necklace 1050,-

Black feather earrings 1299,-

Silver feather bracelet 1150,-

Monday, December 19, 2011


Div sokker fra Aymara 250,-

Sokker fra Mia Zia 150,-

Scarves from Inoui 699,-

Amazing Vanessa Bruno coat 4350,-

Leather Vanessa Bruno Shoulder bag 3950,-

Sølv coat 

Jeans/trousers from Superfine 2499,- a classic that all women need! 

Same trousers fro Superfine combined with shirt from Sølv 1900,-

Bicycle necklace from Alex Monroe

These wool/silk basics from Vanessa bruno are great, and useful every day! Comes in this colour and in black, also with buttons and with polo neck.

Two left of this gourgeous print dress from Vanessa Bruno, great for Christmas parties but also all year round! 4400,- 100% silk. 

Orla Kiely wallets, 780,-  - 1100,- 

Great gift for your friends with babies: body and lots of other wool/cotton mix jumpers etc, starting at 119,- up to 249,-

For your classic friend, this is a great variety of the pearl earring! 780,-

Every respectable household could use one of these! 899,-

Aymara babylama long jumper, suits everyone! Wear with leggings or trousers. 

Lue from Aymara 890,-

Phoebe Coleman earrings 1450,-

So, if you havent got all your presents out of the way yet, you know where to come, we got lots of fabulous little gift thingies! 

Have a nice monday!