Thursday, September 1, 2011

One skirt 3 ways , from work to party ..

Oh I must say it is lovely to work these days ! Our little house is pumping energy even so both Elise and I are having a bad cold , we do feel tremendously fabulous beside our runny noses :)
And what is more refreshing than seeing Karoline choice of outfit for the day , today I had to take a photo and there in post it . And I think I should make an habit of it because she does look as lovely each days ..

And she came with home made cupcakes !

I don't know how but ALL of those got suddenly eaten round 4 o'clock!
And this is the team at work these days beside Karoline and I ,

Natalia preparing the lookbook for next summer collection , yes I do mean summer 2012 ! We have had several good customers having a peek at those pictures and now we decided to set them in our black book so anyone who wish for it can take a look ( give us 1 one day :)

Elise twittering among other things ,

Main thing of hers is looking fabulous at any given moments !
( I must admit I pushed her in" our studio corner" for that one )

Then our little Thursday special ; we play with one key piece , here Isabel Marant silk skirt , and propose 3 looks from morning to evening ..tell us if you like or find it useful ..

Crisp look with a masculine shirt

Sweet and easy with a Petit Bateau polo ,

Evening ready with an elegant top from slightly glittery from Isabel Marant ,
Have a lovely sunny evening everyone :)

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