Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Autumn beauty....Forte Forte ..

Some brands are just beautiful ! 
Forte Forte is one of them that keep surprising me by their attention to details and the quality of their craft , it is so far the only brand i ever had witch is made 100% in Italy  , from the textiles to the sewing and you can both feel it and see it in the detail .

Those photos of Emma in Forte forte were taken on a beautiful day out in the park .
they have a dreamy feel to it witch also what i get from this brand : the elegance from the past ...

I love those pictures , the way the skirt is falling , the heaviness of it , the shimmery shadows , and most then all the perfect shade of blue ...

Forte Forte is all about details so they also have striking accessoire called unika because they make very few of them like this necklace .




  1. Har dere smykket som er avbildet i butikk? Kan ikke finne det på nettbutikken :(

  2. hei , yes we have this neck piece in the shop and we will put it as soon as we can tomorrow in the webshop , i am sorry about the delay , if you in at 13:00 tomorrow it should be there ... thank you for notifying us , it is always useful to get some feedback :)

  3. Hva er prisen på strikkejskken?
    Nydelige bilder!!

  4. Its beautiful! I am coming home to Get me some of that! Love