Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We just got these fabulous necklaces from the french designer Servanne Gaxotte with dolls that are for grown ups! They are silver coated, and each have their own distinct look and super cute little couture outfit.

Each time i have been traveling to the most exclusive accessory fair in Paris called : premiere classe witch happen to be at the same time as the week of the couture show ( nice ) i have gone back to the marvelous dreamy little doll necklace of the designer Servanne gaxotte ...

Servanne , create new dolls twice a year and makes miniature couture oufit for them and small bags , when i met with the designer we sat down with her wonderful team and plucked 17 dolls witch we customized according to season and taste ..

I love each of them because they are pretty and detailed , their little dress fitting well ..

how cute is this little rabbit ? his clutch once close is covered in lila diamond .

                    some of the dolls are smaller in size and have more casual outfit ..

                  this little mysterious princess with a mask and angel wings is my favorite :)

           sooo cute !!

                              Some dolls are perfect to wear at a wedding or give as a gift .

this is the rabbit from Alice in wonderland :)

                                     And Pippi langstrompe :) as seen by the french designer ...

                                            how beautiful is this one with her pearl dress ?

                                                             we will show more soon ..

witch one of those sweet ones represent you best ? or witch one do you like best ? i have been really into the ones we outfit i could only dream to wear and strong colored dresses :)

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