Friday, May 14, 2010


yepeee ! it is finally official ! we are orginising the glamour premiere of the SEX and the CITY new movie ! it is really a fun and exiting new project , we will have a fashion show with a twist, right before the movie is shown for the first time in Norway, on the 3rd of june !

It has been so hard keeping it a bit of a secret because we really do love the movie ! who is honestly not a bit in love with one of the hero of this cult serie ?

And how many time did i heard that my shop Shine made the woman in this city feel a bit like on the show ........................ well i do remember that i went to see the last movie with one of my best friend pre-baby for me post-baby for her and we were so emotionnal afterwards that it was ridiculous !
i mean i have felt like carrie some times ( when i look at my wardrobes ) miranda a lot ( juggling both a carriere and family ..not easy ) and charlotte :) most of the time when i am my sweet me :)
Anyway , this is the oportunity for me to say : next wednesday the 19th at 08:00 at prisen kino the sale of the one and only glamour premiere is on ! so run and buy ! only six tickets per personns are allowed ...
We guaranty you a night to remember ! i mean when do we really have the occasion in trondheim to put on our best dress and highest shoes !
keep posted for more news :) i wish you a fabulous , lovely weekend !

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  1. Johoooo!! Looking forward to it!! Girls night!!