Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The best of august collection delivery

I think it fits pretty well as this month is ending, to sum us up a bit , we have received parcels from Paris and Copenhagen each weeks this month and it has gone so fast ; some parts of collections are already long gone and found a happy owner and some are still kept warm at our place , for us we are starting now to see how things can mix and match , how we can combine the old and the new and how we can build a smart wardrobe .
Here are some of our favorite :

My favorite coat this season ( too bad I have one quite similar from last winter) . Sonia Rykiel

Elise favorite ..Isabel Marant

Karoline want this one ( not hard to see why ) . Rutzou

And the one everyone wanted but most did not got because of the hardly fitting anyone sizing ! ( one left in 42 meaning 38/40 in the shoulder ) . Sonia Rykiel

Best of prints :

The fresh and stylish color combination of this month :

Dark blue and orange ..

The soft knitwear bonanza :

The joyful pieces for the happy at heart :)

The cool cut blazer :

And then because all good things have to end or for this matter take a pause I will end this lovely series with photo of the lovely Agnes !
Agnes who started at Shine over a year and a half ago and proved to be one the most lovable colleague and friend , Agnes who has second me in my ups and downs and who I still think of everyday ( like she will pop any second soon ) , Agnes is now on a adventure in danmark studying art in a castle ( that fits her well :) I know for a fact that she has of course the best wardrobe of the entire place and look fabulous while painting and drawing , Agnes with who I have shared some precious moments .....

In the jacket everyone wanted but few got ..

In a Petit Bateau dress ..

In Sonia Rykiel

In Rutzou for next season ! Have to wait for this one witch also comes in yellow!

On our stairs in black and mustard outfit

Luminous Agnes on the left

Agnes at Agnes cupcake bakery in copenhagen

I hope you have enjoyed my " little review " , what will come as soon as this week is just as fun ! So see you here and at Shine :)

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