Friday, August 26, 2011

Rutzou rich autumn collection in light Mocca ...

I like end of weeks , especially when it also bring a new collection in the shop , I liked the sun today , I liked my morning coffee , I like like the new rutzou collection , I like that Karoline looks good in everything she tries , I like when friends pass by and let me take picture of them in their new outfits , I like the freedom of a day like today when I get to meet so many cool and strong woman who pass by the shop ..

Line rocks !
You know very well that most woman dress for other woman , and that our men cannot really say they understand it all , but line, it's something else ; line has the chic to be free with her looks and she can inspire us to be more than what we dare to be ..

Carrying the Leather bucket from Vanessa Bruno and THE cardigan from Sonia Rykiel

Cosy cardi on lovely line :)

I want to post so many photos of the Rutzou pieces because I want everything !
Her collection is so chic and rich and create an instant strong silouhette ..

Pant in camel and cardigan in grey both by rutzou , tee-shirt and shoes by Sonia Rykiel

The cardigan is very loose fitted a bit like one from Rick owens ( psss: only two left after ten minute hanging in the shop )

The pantalon in camel with a silk shirt by Isabel Marant

The Isabel Marant is running out of the shop this season so I will instantly post when I get my last delivery :)

Have a cosy Friday evening :)

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  1. Så vakre bilder! Jeg elsker Sonia, klærne jeg har fra henne bringer sånn glede inn i livet mitt, små dyrebare skatter jeg tar fram igjen år etter år etter år....Og dere søte jenter: Keep up the good work! :D