Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mid-week changes .

Don't you feel some times that you are stuck in a pattern? but if you then decide to clear some cluttered corners of your life or living space , things start to flow a lot better and changes are possible .
That is what we did at the shop today , we removed the past ( last summer sale pieces) and got great presentations ideas and suddenly the whole space was flowing with a new energy :)

Like our new Sonia Rykiel scarf on a roll ,

Come and get us cut it for :)

Our new little gallery corner ,

I will come back to the artist with better pictures soon , but I think it is very uplifting to have her pictures on the wall , come and see for yourself :)

In a different setting we are very fond of that cuddly pull-over from Sonia Rykiel witch comes also as a cardigan ( I mean same pattern )

It has been the first piece of this season bought by a man as a gift to his wife , happy woman!

And here are some photos from the shop as it is now ,

And the staircase decorated with the glitter bags ..

The Glitter bag :
as most of you know , our ever lasting success , four years ago I tried to quit after many good years of having steady success with them because I thought then that most people were really tired of them , but right before, I had a little fun experience and decided to gather all the re-order form I had made for those and I found out that I had re-ordered over 2000 pieces over the years!!!!
Still I quit ! Cold turkey ! Only to start again some month ago after the repetitive demands of customers and friends ...well I do understand , they are cute , practical,and a bargain at a cost of 350 kr !

Have a glittery evening !

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  1. Fin butikk = fine bilder.
    Ønsker at mannen min snubler forbi og kjøper genseren fra Sonia Rykiel til meg (det går sikkert greit med cardiganen også...)