Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to mix colors .

Good morning :) , it is a bit confusing to try dressing up in the morning these days , right now I am sitting on my little pink bench outside the shop and I can feel the temperature is rising rising and I love it but might have to change my outfit .
We are these days quite satisfied about the color scheme we can propose at shine , it's a bit of everything and we are trying to find our favorite ways to combine ,

So far our winner combination is dark blue and orange ,

Pull-over from from Aymara and tights from Sonia Rykiel ,

This colors together create a classy match and add a bit of colors to a dark wardrobe witch is what we all long for during the coming months .

I love that intricate knit on this Aymara wool dress , so easy to use as a basic everyday on a pair of black , orange or even burgundy tights ( with matching nails oh la laaa )

Same dress on natalia :)

Over a pair of tight black jeans ..

Also I always long for some delicate brown colors but it's often can be a bit heavy so it has to be right and if you see that delicate top in light knit from Aymara witch has been a classic best seller in their collection you know it's right , also a bit transparent so you need to either have a nice bra under or use it as an under top ( and I will post different photos to show you how to update some light summer dress and use them in the autumn beautifully )

Here Karoline is wearing it together with a hat from Aymara and a skirt from petit bateau ,

Have a lovely day everyone :)

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