Friday, August 19, 2011

A great Friday !

Today the energy was flowing , I came to open the shop in the morning sunshine, and i felt so elated after some minutes when the coffe was made and jazz was on and I had shine the whole shop .

I like to stretch the last sunny days by using my new summer sandals from Henry and I think they are so beautiful I had to find different background for them :)

Pretty on pink too !

Also I was very very happy to hang my newly acquired print from Maria halting , Maria has been for the last years designing prints for the famous Orla Kiely ( witch we also sell at shine ) and Maria is now starting on her own and selling her prints all over the world .

This print is called Powder room girls and fit snugly in my little shop

Aren't they pretty ?

Maria left us a handmade lavender bag as well , sweet ..

I have to show you that super cool bag from Sonia we recently got , it has a wallet attached to it and is so practical as well as being nice .

And come in cerise too :)

I might sound a bit strange but I keep asking a lot of customers about those Sonia Rykiel shoes , are they totally over the top or ?


Maybe too early in the season to decide but Agnes was crazy about those , she felt she could not take them off , and today Karoline bought the two tone and she was clapping her hands in joy and so proud to own her first pair of Sonia shoes :)

Have a nice Friday evening everyone and see you at Shine :)

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  1. I haven't seen them in real life, but from the pictures I love the Sonia Rykiel shoes!