Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Monday in color !

We have our little mood booster at the shop , this dress for example ! Who could have a bad day wearing that one :)

Today we were all busy busy , new arrival , back to school for most and plenty of new experiences and we felt like pushing the autumn away but at the same time panning well , because after all that was the new season is all about ; planning a new wardrobe , getting the right coat , warm scarf and hat etc ...
Ah I am getting started with my own little list but here are a few good things :)

The scarf by Aymara in black ,

The super knit by Aymara ,

What a great way to style it ,

The soft blue/grey one ,

The hand work is so beautiful and it feels so cozy ..

Cashmala knit scarf and hat ,

Made in Bolivia by Aymara with love :)

And that was for the soft colored accessories but for the bold ones who also want to wrap themselves in some happy rainbow colored scarfs here is our bestseller since 3 years : ta daaaa...

The scarf on a roll ! To be cut the length you want , from one to many meters , for yourself or as a gift , it is quite striking used on top of a plain dark dress or coat , and we have loved it since the first time Sonia Rykiel made it :)

Have a lovely happy Monday everyone !
Ps: I love your feedback on the blogg ..


  1. Super blogg :-)

    Merke og pris på nederste mørke kjole?

  2. Hello the dark dress in the bottom is from aymara , its in 100 % cashmala and cost 2900 and comes in dark blue Knit in two size ( quite good ones ) the quality is super good as it does not peel , thank you for liking the blogg :)

  3. oh, wow, what a funky dress the top one is! Very cool! Which brand is it, and how much does it cost?

  4. Hello :) the funky dress is by Sonia Rykiel and cost 3200 kr , it is slightly small and black in the back with button all the way :)