Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's all good , it's Aymara !

Some years ago I was in Copenhagen to order some new season from a very established designer, when for the first time, I made a bend in my usual shopping rule ( witch is : do not buy anything you are not selling yourself apart from bags and shoes ) , I got attracted by the window at rue verte ( the shop) and had to enter to check the look, closely, of one jacket I could see from far away, was of the outmost fine quality ;when to my surprise I discovered a totally new brand and also saw that close up the fineness of the wool was even better , I just had to buy it !

that was my first Aymara buy and I got hooked !
The week after I went to Oslo and also bought two dresses at another great shop , Kemt , and kept using them and using them so much I nearly got a bit ashamed , but the thing is that it was a love at first sight and it just kept growing :)
My dresses never looked used , never peeled and never change shape so I was amazed and I had to get that brand in my shop .

Fast forward til last week in Copenhagen, were we had the pleasure to order the entire collection in the super lovely Aymara showroom.

Have you ever inherited some of your favorite grand parents or parent old used pull-over? If you do then you will understand what an Aymara pieces feel , for the other; imagine you owned the coolest most exclusive piece in the world but only you know about it, and your soul is totally satisfied with it .

Aymara design is created in danmark but the entire production is made in Bolivia and employs womens who have great skills . Aymara use a revolutionary fiber , the lama cashmere witch is super resistant , highly breathable and do not peels .

When you Buy and wear Aymara you can feel good about many things :you used your money smartly, you owned a piece witch will last longer than any other wool one you have, and you will treasure it looooong ! ( in my case two of my favorites desapeared after some party so I reckon someone else is in love now :)

Aymara showroom is an oasis in the middle of Copenhagen were you feel like home ..

Inside the showroom . if you notice the stripy blanket on the left , it's mine now, as I went banana and bought for my house ALL of the unique piece Marie worsaee had for display .

Marie on the right in the photo is half the brand and burn for what she stand for, and I do understand the joy it must be to carry such a brand .

The showroom was so nice we stayed as long as we could and was polite too :)

We are getting the collection anytime soon and I am soo looking forward to it and I hope many of you do to . It's very easy being enthusiastic when you work with such a brand :)
Ps: we had taken some gorgeous picture of what's coming in the shop and the catalogue is at Shine for everyone to see ...mhhhhh

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  1. Gleder meg til å se høstens nyheter fra Aymara!