Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two fabulous coat !

It feels strange to choose a coat in august but I can see each new season that both magazines and clients are earlier and earlier , a coat is the key winter piece witch will represent your style first to others , you can make a statement , or blend in the crowd , dress up or dress down , pick a timeless piece or a fashion one , anyhow you have to love it !
Here are the two last model in store from Rutzou and we just think they are absolutely fabulous !

This one looks like one that could have been worn back in the 30 th of some old aristocrat lady , I really wish my photos were better so you could get the feel of the fabric witch is like small fibers in brown/mustard/grey ....
And the next one is so timeless and cool/elegant that we all want it at the shop ...

It is like a men coat but softer , has to be worn slightly oversize so the shoulder line hang low and it has a leather piece behind the neck line so it is very nice when you take the neck Line up and what a cool cut !

I feel like we will have to make a choice soon , next we will get the best quality goose down coats from lempelius witch we had also last winter ( I will post about those later )
...when the winter comes we will welcome it with a warm stylish coat and a smile :)


  1. Lovely! Priiiice?


  2. The beige/brown cost 3399kr and the other one 3199kr :) we tried to re-order but we only got a 36 and 40 so even so it has to be worn oversize it's best to come and try it , now in store we have 42/44 :)

  3. Hello from France!
    Love the 1st coat, can you tell me if it sizes large or small? Is the shape loose or tight around the hips?