Friday, August 31, 2012

The perfect fall accessory...

We have received so many incredible hats in the shop the last few days. A warm hat in a soft material is the perfect way to keep warm on those icy cold days.

Fabulous Charlotte in our favourites...

Warm and stylish "Folys" hat by our favourite Isabel Marant, 780,- 

"Folys" also comes in a beautiful grey colour. 

The beautiful Aiayu "Antonella" hat comes in a variety of colours. Here in Bordeaux. 1050,-

"Antonella" by Aiayu in a swedish grey colour. The material is 100% baby lama wool, so it will keep your head warm all winter!

We think this hat is just as beautiful in a classic black colour!

All the hats will be available on our netshop with the new upload over the weekend! Do stop by the shop if you are in Trondheim, and find your perfect fall hat!




  1. Charlotte; you look so darn beautifu in those pictures that we should put you på glass! Hugs gh

  2. ha ha eg skal pute deg i et glass sjøl :)