Monday, August 13, 2012

Post fashion fair in bordeaux Aiayu

After more than a month of traveling back and forth for the new season of collection, i am finally back in  Trondheim were the most exiting part of my job is starting ..

We have seen so many nice collection for summer 2013 and i will give you a glimpse into it but i LOVE autumn fashion and i am so ready to make you discover all the nice things we are receiving each days now .

Aiayu elektra cahsmala shine trondheim
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My favorite color right now is bordeaux , i just can't seem to get enough ..

This Aiayu cashmala top is such a good choice for daywear over a pair of black jeans .

While Agnes and i were away we received the beautiful Forte Forte collection and finally Chan Luu jewels are back in store ..

we will keep you updated ...

LOVE . SHINE .here

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