Sunday, August 5, 2012

Knitwear chic by Aiayu , bordeaux love

This is some more of our new autumn 2012 pieces by Aiayu that came in just a few days ago , i certainly have something special for both that brand ( who recently won Best Ethical Award Price in Danmark ) and the color bordeaux .

Aiayu Ines Jumper Bordeaux (shop her), Aiayu Ninka black skirt (shop her

Both wool ( cashmala here , made from the finest and longest cashmere/lama fibers ) and the color bordeaux make me feel that the best autumn season is coming ..

Aiayu Rachel jumper (shop her), her med Superfine skinny legging jeans (shop her)

i can picture those outfit with a dash of lipstick or even better the red/vine nail polish from deborah lippman : single ladies ..

I will never repeat enough that if you want some wool pieces that go unchanged trough seasons then invest in an Aiayu one , they have the best quality i came upon in my 12 years as a buyer .

This coming week will be packed with novelty so keep posted , first we are getting 4 parcels with Isabel Marant witch are flying off the box as soon as they come in , then the new Chan Lu jewel collection will be in , more from Vanessa Bruno , all the new des petits hauts , and last but not least some fabulous and the best organic candle light ever ! 

so..... LOVE . SHINE 

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