Monday, August 6, 2012

location location .....

When i go for a new photoshoot i either start with a great location or a great idea . 

if you suspect me to be very hight on my photo skills be safe : i actually do not know how to take pictures at all ! 

i just had . once. the good idea of investing in a good camera ( canon spell reflex or spel reflex or whatever its called) and because i am no technical geniuses i decided once and for all to keep it on the non program button , you know the green square that never start the flash or do any adjustments whatsoever ... 

Then of course it becomes  all about light or location since i cannot adjust anything ..
But i have a brother in Paris who i love more than anything who IS a technical genius and each time i go visit him he loves to take my camera , pushes all the button , unmount it , remount it , twist it several time and five minutes after handle it back to me and TA DAAA : its not working anymore like i want .

So some long days after ( while i swear i love my bro more than anything ) after i have managed to put it back exactly like it was before : no program , nothing button , then i can go and take my photos in great locations ...

so this was one of those great location 

and since its monday and all i wanted to share it with you ...

But the light did not work like i wanted so we will see if we found some outfit post to do from this location :)



  1. Love this. I have a happy snaps camera because there is no way I can work a top spec camera - that would be just toooo much like hard work. But I do envy the beautiful pics that some people take. But until I am prepared to learn, I will carry on as I am. Love the styling on your clothes pics and the fact that you all have fun!

  2. thank you Sue :) i see you understand my camera " problem " :) we always manage at the end and have a lot of fun with it :)