Friday, August 3, 2012

have a fresh new day !

We were out on a great photoshoot yesterday and the pictures will come now and then in a bit more organized way but for today i wanted to share those ones with you ...

Karoline´s hair and fair skin were glowing against the blue backdrop .

 top/ dress from IRO (shop)

Legging jeans by Superfine (her), shirt by Aglini (her) shoe from Zara

Have a fresh new day in the sun !



  1. I will definitely be checking out Shine the next time I'm in Copenhagen! Love all your outfit posts!

  2. Så utrolig fine bilder! gleder meg til å se resten (og nyhetene i butikken;))

  3. hello Teresa , thank you so much for the compliment :) it is even better when you think we are in copenhagen when in fact we are located in a small city in the middle of norway :) but we love to inspire you so keep checking us out form time to time :)

  4. Fantastiske containerbilder! Lyset, sminken, jenta, outfiten, ja, det hele! Imponert over hvordan dere hele tiden klarer å finne freshe locations i Trondheim=)

  5. thank you Maren :) we have more coming in , some involving horses ! yes yes it was fun :)