Monday, August 6, 2012

Aiayu perfect basic wool top in blue ..

I love when designers keep making the same good basic tops seasons after seasons , it feel comforting to know you will never be lost and not know what to wear ; danish Aiayu is one of them who makes this wonderful tight fitted model, in different colors both winter and summer .

We always recommend this top to be worn directly on the body as it is both warm but light and this winter we have it in several colors from black to frost grey and as seen on this picture in a forest green .

Aiayu Rachel top in forest green, 1650,- (shineshop here), with Superfine skinny legging jeans in cream white, 2100,- (shineshop here) and Zara shoes.

Today the shop smelled wonderful, as the new organic candle light from NEOM started to come in ,
 i will tell you more about this new brand we are having and their fabulous scent tomorrow ...


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