Monday, March 12, 2012

visit the shop from the comfort of your home !

well , the weather is not really tip top but inside Shine we have packed in, colors , light little dresses , kaki pants, linen jackets and...Glitter bags !

Do you know or remember those glitter bags by LOUISON Paris ? we started to have some of them over a year ago and it has been such a success we had to order more and more , the thing is ; there are quite addictive ! usually you start with a little one for your bag that you use as a makeup pouch or credit card etc.. then you NEED to get one slightly bigger for an evening out , then you end up like me with the maxi one that i use every days for my training gears my computer etc.. 

The detail about those bags that change everything is that the man behind the collection was the accessoire designer at CELINE for many years , he decided to create a fun bag for the stylish woman who need a bit of glitter in an otherwise very conservative closet . 

The HARD part is choosing the color :)

We have a bit of the entire spectrum of colors represented at Shine , over our blue line , under our pink and orange ..

This season we are so proud to introduce a new collection at Shine , Forte Forte is Italian and their design is so lovely and their quality absolutely beautiful ...
I heard an history about their summer party involving lanterns , clowns , live music etc... it made me dream about summer and i am trying to track down some photos of it to post here ...

Forte Forte collection ( green dress from Isabel Marant ) 

Louison bags and candle lights from Joya new york 

The perfect garden party white with black dot dress from Des Petits Hauts ( on the webshop : 

Blue and green 

Many customers do not know that we have two level at Shine , so next time you pass by come up the staircase and discover our intimate little world :)

have a cosy evening and shine ...

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