Friday, March 23, 2012


What a week ! the new collections kept coming in and even so it´s constantly raining out there it is sunny inside the shop as you can see :)
those last days went so fast but we are really happy with what we achieved , the webshop is running well and we have got into a routine were we feel we have fun while making it happen .
but we certainly felt the weather took its toll on our personal style !
so next week we have promised each others and we promise you to be as inspiring as possible !
and let me tell you there is some work to be done there ...
Elise in preparation already went from brunette to redhead a la Lana Del Ray and back to brunette because her entire wardrobe stopped fitting her hair color , Agnes is cutting her hair as i am writing this post , i am FAR from feeling ready BUT we still have some days before monday so hey ho there is some hope :)

oh i let you enjoy our new layout and i hope you like what you see :)

if you love some of the pieces you see more than others , have a look at our webshop or give us a call ..

Have a lovely weekend !


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  1. I just might have to stop by to check you girls out ;)Have a lovly evening!