Friday, March 30, 2012


Its day 5 of fabulous week and here we are in our outfits! Lets not forget lilies and balloons too! 
We're loving Karolines hat! The sun came out for a nanosecond and we grabbed our flowers and posed outside, and 2 minutes after it was snowing. Whats up with that? 

Anywho, this week we recieved the legendary Hanky Panky underwear. As usual, we got the standard thongs, but now also the new bralette in different colours, and the lace boyshort, our new favourite, it covers a bit more than the others, haha. Always super comfy, onesize fits all, (it really does) and looks nice years after. 

We decided to put together a little 'stand' so its easy to see all these lucious undergarments. 

Also new this week, a display of our new jewellery brand 5Octobre, with the simplest delicate pieces from France. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all in gold plated metal, with amethyst and other stones neatly placed. You may feel the need to buy all of it, like we do! 

Lilies are so decorative, we want them all over. 

Elise took a pic of herself in her maxi dress for fabulous week day 5!

The shop is so fresh and springy , you should really come have a look, and if you cant, then there are news on the webshop too! 

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND EASTER (for those lucky ones of you that can do easter from today:) )

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