Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last week ...

a week in the  life of every day at Shine ...

We are 5 girls or woman working together since a while now and there is something very special to our little group , it is quite rare to feel that each days we are looking forward to spend time together , we have small attention to each other like making a nice cup of coffee , playing some music we love , smiling from one ear to the other ...

when one of us has a bad day we catch it back , we share a small space but we have fun doing it ...( or so far , because elise and i are almost sitting on each other lap ) . When many of us have a bad day we make the best out of it ( like when i could not found the keys of the photo studio and we ended up taking our best pictures outdoor ) . 

So this week we had many moments ...i will share with you now ...

On monday , Elise worked at editing all the cool photos like this one over that we took the friday before while i planned the week coming and re-booked us in the studio ( remember that we had to launch the webshop : on thursday so the week has to be minute planned ) .

On tuesday we lost our morning after we found out once arriving at the studio that the camera was not working ... but that day turned wonderful when those beautiful dresses from Rutzou came :) and we saw the luck in our bad luck : we could re-book us for wednesday morning and have with us those dresses on the shoot ! like elise would say : winning :)

wednesday became really busy because we had to take all the last pieces in pictures witch equal  80!  and edit and load them with the correct information on the webshop... 

there was a bit of silliness and craziness in the air that day ... along with a massive amount of coffee , some good quantity of chocolate bars and a late sushi dinner for elise and i when our brain went half regime , but we managed to wrapped it up at eleven that evening to my great surprise :)

and some of the pictures turned out beautiful , while other are more questionable .... 

like : what am i doing right there ??? oh yes trying not to make foot marks on the white studio background

On thursday morning before we opened the door of the shop and right at the same time that the webshop opened , we had a little breakfast with all of us to celebrate, and even so it was really simple it was a great start of the day .

And to surprise the girls i was serving breakfast in my yellow dress perched on some rather high heel boots witch i had to remove because i was sooo slow on them , so i changed to my black biker boots for the rest of the day but they all thought the mix was cool :)

karoline had just bought herself some art magazine and was wearing her des petits hauts top with a silk american retro blouse that had a delicate pearl collar peaking underneath ...lovely mix !

then friday came and we went back to an ( almost ) ordinary day ....

agnes was on her way to the seamstress wearing her trench from Sonia Rykiel and her new boots from bianco ..

then Karoline climb on the tree outside the shop to finally remove our christmas decoration !!! 

yes we know is a bit late ..but it was so much cozier with them ... but now we have a new plan so out with the old ! in with the new !

what is so funny about that picture of agnes holding a shine bag while karoline is cutting the las t chritmas bubbles is that it reming me when we are picking the cherry in provence , we have exactly the same technic to go as fast as possible , one hold the bag while one cut the cherry stalk ..

then to end the week in beauty we re-did a layout of the colors through the shop ..

the blue line ..

the orange and pink line ...

forte forte in yellow white and green ..

the most beautiful IRO jacket with we love love love love love ...

the new note on the door :) 

karoline way to wear her favorite pieces are always an inspiration ..

here an AIAYU top together with a blue soft flared jeans from Vanessa Bruno ..

 she had borrowed one of my shoes ( i always have a stack at the shop just in case ) and i loved her choice 

And she paired the whole silouhette  with a necklace from Jade Jagger from the shop ...

so that was our week in pictures... we hope we kept you happy and met your expectation through those past days and we are looking forward to share a new springy week with you all :)

have a lovely evening !

shine .

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  1. Very inspiring, thats exactly how a busy week at work whould be spent:)