Monday, March 26, 2012


soooo :) we were all slightly nervous last night ! it is one thing to promise each other to be fabulous for a week but another one to be able to got trough it ....
And then this morning of course at least for me , there was TOTAL kaos !
my boys refuse to get dressed , both of them wanted to wear a dress like mummy ( a round after, one was dressed as a wizard , the other one as pippi , everything was fine ) Then it started to RAIN on my PROUENZA!!!! arghhhh , if i have one fashion advice you should remember : NEVER buy a designer bag in suede ! 
you Will regret it !
you will pray each time you use your bag for the day to be rain free . witch in my case did not happen .
so a semi-ruined bag after , i was finally coming to Shine and my colleague were GORGEOUS ! 

ok thats me with my hair looking all crazy ( i don't get why ! i used 2 product intend of nothing )
maybe it is the combination of me wanting both volume AND straight hair ????
And i used self tan , happens twice a year and even so we are in 2012 it still smell like poison ( witch is why i don't use it more i guess ...)

 BUT i was happy to be using my new shoes for the first time on a proper pavement 

agnes is looking so very CHIC with her trench from last season SONIA and her good old Vanessa bruno bag ...
Elise is wearing the floaty dress of her dream : the new Forte Forte summer dress , paired with her black jacket , a black flower clutch and her wonderful Zara pumps that we all envy her ...

        We loved the detail of her accessories , and i will surely come back to that subject during this week

 I hope we inspired you a bit today :) , see you tomorrow for more .....


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